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New Orleans Social Media Agency | Social Media Management Services

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Key takeaways:

  • A New Orleans social media agency is valuable for its local expertise.
  • Services include content production, community management, and strategic planning.
  • Improved brand visibility, engagement, and customer acquisition are the results of social media marketing in New Orleans.

Do you want to scale your business growth in and outside of New Orleans? Then, hiring a New Orleans social media agency is just inevitable. As a business owner in New Orleans, you want to connect with as many people as possible. Only then would you be able to secure a constant stream of customers for your business.

The majority of your target audience in the USA is also using social media. This makes hiring a New Orleans social media agency worth it. Read the section below for more information about social media marketing services.

What makes a New Orleans social media agency a good choice?

Social media marketing is important for the development of your business. Therefore, it's also important to get professional help to make your strategies work. But why choose the New Orleans social media marketing agency? Why not go with another option? So here is a side-by-side comparison of New Orleans social media services providers vs. house experts:

ParametersNew Orleans social media agencyIn-house social media experts
DefinitionA social media agency refers to an organization of experts that provide their social media expertise and skills to companies in need.An in-house expert refers to a specialist or a team of specialists hired by a company to work for them full-time.
ExpertiseA New Orleans social media company will have more expertise. In addition, they will also bring in a wave of fresh perspectives due to their diverse experience.However, an in-house team will know your business the best and will have more experience working with your specific industry.
TimeA social media agency would be much faster because it can easily scale its expertise based on demand.The same could not be said for the in-house team. Scaling talents can be costly; therefore, it would take them more time.
CostWith an agency, New Orleans social media marketing would not cost much because you can pay them per project. You will also save on the learning curve cost and social media tools.In comparison, housing your own experts can be costlier. You will have to pay them a salary and cover the cost of a learning curve and the latest social media tools, etc.
FlexibilityNew Orleans's social media marketing agency can be pretty flexible. They will often take clients' feedback and observe the campaign to implement necessary changes for the betterment of the campaign.In-house social media teams can also be very flexible. And you get more control over how the campaign is run.
ResultsIf you manage to partner with the right New Orleans social media agency, there is no stopping you from getting the results.Sometimes in-house teams can lack the same amount of expertise and resources as social media agencies. Therefore the results they generate can be a bit underwhelming.

From this comparison, it is pretty clear that hiring an agency for New Orleans social media marketing is a better choice. Now, to reinforce this fact further, the next section will focus on their wide range of services.

What are the services offered by a social media agency New Orleans?

Social media services are a great way for businesses to lessen their burden and still manage to ace social media. Following are some of the top services offered by a social media agency in New Orleans.

1. Social media marketing services

With these services, you will no longer have to worry about your social media campaign. Social media marketing services typically include:

  • Strategy planning
  • Research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Campaign Implementation
  • Tracking and optimizing strategies

2. Social media management

This service can be quite useful if you don't have the time to manage your social media account. In includes:

  • Profile creation
  • Platform management
  • Brand Management
  • Community Building
  • Content creating and scheduling
  • Social listening
  • Reputation Management, etc.

3. Social media PPC services

With advertising services, you can get your brand in front of more people and turn them into customers. A New Orleans social media agency would basically help you run ad campaigns across various social media platforms.

4. Influencer Marketing

Influencers are the celebrities of the social world. These people have a substantial following of people who believe their every word. As a business owner in New Orleans, you should consider collaborating with influencers to further your business's reach. A social media agency in New Orleans can help you find the right influencer and manage the whole influencer marketing campaign.

What are the benefits of social media marketing in New Orleans?

Marketing your brand on social media is a great growth opportunity for your business. So, with the right New Orleans social media marketing company by your side, you will experience all sorts of benefits like:

1. Improve brand image and reputation

If done correctly, social media marketing can positively impact your brand's identity and reputation online.

2. Increase engagement

A social media strategy will help you increase your brand awareness significantly, which means you can interact with more people.

3. Better reach

Social media connects people from all over the world. Therefore, social media marketing is an easy way for businesses in New Orleans to increase their customer reach.

4. Impact sales and conversion rates

Successful marketing of your brand on social media will greatly impact your sales and conversion rate. In fact, partnering with a New Orleans social media agency may even significantly increase your revenue.

5. Boost website traffic

You can use social media to direct your loyal followers to your website. So, your website traffic will increase, leading to better performance.

6. Stand out from competitors

Social media marketing is a great way you can take the lead from your rivals and turn the tide of customers to your side.

7. Greater ROI

Both organic and paid social media marketing can generate a high return on your investment.

Social media marketing is a very powerful tool for business. However, you can only take advantage of the immense power of social media with the help of a reliable social media agency in New Orleans. But where will you find a New Orleans social media management agency that is good enough for your brand? Well, the next section might be of some help, so keep reading!

What makes Gigde the top New Orleans social media agency?

If you are looking for someone to help you with social media marketing in New Orleans, then Gigde is the right choice. Following are a few reasons that will prove the line true:

1. We understand your business goals

It does not matter how successful and well-known your business is; if your digital marketing strategy does not have a goal, it will not work. Therefore, as a social media marketing agency, we understand how important your business goals are. Therefore, we will provide custom strategies aligning with your goals.

2. We have a great team of experts with diverse skills

Our experts are well-versed in the art of both organic and paid social media marketing. In fact, we can help manage your entire social media presence and build a persona that converts.

3. We know your Industry

Every social media marketing strategy does not work for all businesses. Therefore, you need to work with social media marketers in your industry. Luckily, our experts have experience working across all industries and are therefore familiar with yours.

4. We provide transparency

When you hire our New Orleans social media agency, you are putting all your trust in us. Therefore, we will do our very best to remain transparent while also doing our best for your campaign.

5. We are good at communication

We will give you constant updates about your campaign's progress and changes. In addition, we always keep our communication line open so you can come to us whenever you are in need.

6. We are creative

Being creative and thinking outside the box is what makes us stand out. Similarly, these qualities will also make your brand stand out in the social realm.

If you are interested in working with the top social media agency in New Orleans, then don't let this opportunity pass by. Choose Gigde today to see your brand rule social media tomorrow. For more information about our social media marketing services, check out our website gigde.com.


No matter what situation your business is in, social media marketing is something they will always benefit from. So, as a business owner in New Orleans, if you do not want your brand to be overshadowed by that of your competitors, you need to start promoting on social media. And there is no one better than a New Orleans social media agency that can help you with this job. 

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