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#1 Graphic Design Services in Singapore - Top Design Agency

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Ever heard of the quote: "First impression is the last impression." In this highly competitive digital world where you only have a few seconds to capture your customer's attention, making a lasting impression is paramount.

Key Takeaways:

  • Graphic design is a form of communication that helps brands connect with their audience. Sometimes, graphic designs are more convincing than words; therefore, businesses need to partner with graphic design companies.
  • From the basics of the logo of your business to the design of your website, everything involves graphic design.
  • Graphic design services in Singapore are always valuable, whether you're a small business or a large enterprise.

To leave a good impression on your potential customers, consider the assistance of graphic design companies in Singapore. To learn more about these services, check out the next section.

Graphic Design Services in Singapore Offers Multiple Design Solutions

Visual marketing is an essential aspect of your marketing campaigns. Most of the time, the first interaction between users and a brand happens through visual marketing. It could be a landing page, a flyer, or even a social media post.

When a user comes across your brand for the first time, you must ensure they never forget you. And this is exactly where graphic design and marketing play an important role.

But what is a graphic design service? A graphic design service is an agency that helps businesses plan, design, and craft visual communication online. Through this, they allow brands to express themselves to their audience innovatively and creatively.

A graphic design company can provide various services you can take advantage of. These services are:

Logo Design

Logo design is one of the most critical parts of business branding. It might be the first thing potential customers encounter about your brand when looking online or in-store. So, you need a logo that accurately depicts your brand's image. Graphic design services in Singapore can help you design a logo that captures your brand value.

Discover more about the various types of logos that could enhance your brand identity.

Web Design

A graphic design agency can assist in the process of website design. This process includes creating layouts, adding content, adding graphics, etc. They can help you craft a website design that distinguishes you from the sea of competitors.

Package Design

Package design is the key to leaving a good impression on the customers. Good design can make the product more appealing and increase its chances of selling. Therefore, by partnering with Graphic design agency in Singapore, can create package designs for your business:

  • Eye-catching and memorable
  • Reflect brand identity
  • Practical and functional

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics stands out among the various types of graphic services you can use to improve your marketing. You can use these to create animated logos, explainer videos, and advertisements. So, if you want to stand out from your competitors, you should try motion graphics.

Marketing Material

You have many options when it comes to marketing products and services. You can use graphic designing for print materials like brochures, flyers, etc. Additionally, you can even use them for digital material like website banners, social media posts, etc.

Graphic designers have a massive hand in the success of every digital marketing strategy. Humans are visual creatures; therefore, they are easily attracted to beautiful things. Without a good design, you might not even be able to convince users to check out your website. To learn more about the role of graphic design in marketing, take a look at the section below.

What is the role of Graphic Design in Marketing?

The role of graphic design in marketing is way more profound than you have ever imagined. Do not believe us? Then, take a moment to think about some of the biggest brands in the world, like Apple and Nike.

More likely than not, the first thing that comes to your mind when you come across these names is their famous logos. This is proof of how graphic design and marketing go hand in hand.

Here are a few more compelling reasons that prove marketing cannot work without graphic designing:

Even science says it

Humans tend to process images and visuals faster than text, and that is a fact. If you want to appeal to your audience, you must prioritize quality graphic designs.

It's the first impression

We have said this before, so there is no use repeating it. Professionally designed websites will naturally garner more attention. When new customers visit your website, you only have one chance to impress them, so you lose out if you do not make an impression.

Standing out is important

Users are bombarded with various marketing campaigns every day, therefore the fight to grab users' attention is very fierce. So, to stand out, you need to make your brand as unique as possible. Capturing the attention is important, but you should also be able to hold that attention.

Graphic design services in Singapore can help you make users curious enough to make them stay on your website for a long time.

Increase sales and conversion rates

Top graphic design agencies can successfully communicate and persuade potential customers to take action. So, with their skills, you can easily boost your sales and increase conversion rates.

Recognizable brand identity is the key

Creating a brand identity that distinguishes you from your competitors and is easily memorable by the users is very important. You do not ever want people confusing your brand with others. So, with Graphic Design Singapore, you can establish a readily identifiable brand identity.

Credibility comes from consistency

It doesn't matter which industry you belong to, graphic design will always help create credibility.

Moreover, with graphic design, you can easily craft a unified aesthetic for your brand to make it look more authoritative.

Effective communication

As mentioned before, Graphic designing services hold the power of communication, but you might not know how powerful they actually are. Ever heard of infographics? Infographics can effortlessly combine text and visuals to better understand the users. At the same time, they are three times more engaging than the boring old text-only content.

Graphic design comes in very handy when you want to grab the attention of potential customers. Thus, graphic design and marketing are made for each other.

Strategic Graphic Design Services in Singapore

Graphic design is visual marketing, where people use quality designs to lure in customers. Graphic Designing can combine text and images to display information in the best way possible. These services aim to create a call-to-action with their design to encourage customers to buy your products and services.

When you collaborate with a Graphic design company in Singapore, you will notice they can take up various tasks like logo design, brochure design, flyers, business cards, social media graphics, branded company material creation, web design, etc. Each of these tasks is important for the success of your marketing campaign, further emphasizing its importance.

With the internet becoming a popular medium for brands to promote themselves, businesses of all kinds have shifted their marketing efforts online.

So, no matter which industry you belong to, as long as you want your business to do well on the internet, you will need a graphic designer's help.

How much is the cost of graphic design packages?

Even a simple design project requires a pretty complex process. Therefore, businesses should find a good graphic design package rather than break the bank by hiring a designer for each new project. Most service providers offer two types of graphic design packages, these are:

  • Package with the dedicated designer: This package is generally provided by freelancers and is very stable, but you will still need to purchase the package every now and then.
  • Unlimited graphic design service: This package offers unlimited design requests and revisions at a fixed monthly rate.

As a business owner, you should always look out for yourself. Therefore, you must be familiar with the market prices for graphic services in Singapore before making any commitments.

  • If you plan to hire a freelance graphic designer, you may have to pay them from $15 to $150 an hour.
  • If you are considering hiring a graphic design company in Singapore, the price will vary depending on the type of designer. If you require a senior designer, you may have to pay around $75 to $150 per hour. On the other hand, if you are working with a junior designer, you may have to pay them around $50.

These prices are just an estimate; depending on your needs and some other factors, the price can vary. But, if you frequently need designers and want to find an affordable way, then hiring the best unlimited graphic design service might be the correct choice. You get the best services for a fixed monthly rate, which is a pretty good offer. To learn about the best Graphic design agency Singapore, read the next section.

Gigde: Best Graphic Design Services Singapore

Sometimes, a picture expresses your ideas better than your words. But to capture your ideas, you need the help of a professional. Someone who easily understands your goals and helps you convert them into beautiful designs. For you, that someone might be Gigde, one of the top graphic design agencies globally.

We provide you with some of the best and most affordable Graphic Design Services in Singapore so you can color your goals with our designs. We can create various artistic, visual, and technical experiences to boost your business's growth. But that is not all. With our amazing custom-made designs and illustrations, there are no goals you cannot achieve.

We strive to customize, create, and color experiences to help you express what you cannot through words. Our experienced artists can turn your brand into a visually captivating entity that tempts every customer.

In addition, our services cover various design verticals, including:

  • Branding and Identity
  • Product Design
  • Infographics
  • Emailer
  • Illustration
  • Web Design
  • Print Media, etc.

With Gigde, you can use visual storytelling to convey your message to your customers. Therefore, for the best unlimited graphic design service, Contact Gigde now!


Graphic design is essential for the development of your business. A brand without a unique identity can never make it to the top. Therefore, if you want to see your business at the very front of your industry, then it's high time you start looking for leading Graphic Design Services in Singapore.

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