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Google Pagerank | 3Factor That Influence It | How Best To Calculate It

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If you’ve been in SEO for ages, you’ll remember the times of working hard to extend the PageRank of internet sites. It had been the metric every SEO cared about and wanted to boost. Improving PageRank meant improving your authority usually with backlinks, which successively could end in higher rankings and more traffic.

PageRank remains used as a ranking signal for Google, whether or not you haven’t heard it mentioned in an exceedingly while. In this blog, we are going to talk about Google PageRank in 2022 so without further adieu let us go through it.

What is Google Pagerank?

Google PageRank may be a very complex concept, but we are visiting to try to break it right down to make it easy to grasp. Google PageRank uses a mathematical formula to attain the worth of a page supported by the standard and quantity of the pages linking it thereto. The PageRank formula will observe the number of inbound links, external links, and also the PageRank of these links to see authority. The formula will create a score employing an ordered series with values starting from 0-10.

How important is PageRank?

With there being over 200 Google ranking factors, they are doing not provide data on the importance of every factor. But we do know that backlinks play a large part in SEO success. So it’s safe to assume that PageRank still plays an element in how highly your pages rank.

Spending time trying to enhance your PageRank is maybe not the most effective use of it slow. But building relevant and authoritative backlinks to your website is an undeniably effective SEO strategy, and can likely improve your PageRank as a result. Spending time improving your PageRank probably isn’t the simplest time. You may not see improvement as a metric, but you may see it in your organic traffic.

What influences Google PageRank?

There are some factors you ought to realize that may positively impact your PageRank. Let’s dive into some of these, now.


The primary thanks to improving your PageRank is through backlinks. The more relevant, high authority websites that link to you the upper your PageRank are. Building backlinks is one of the simplest ways to grow your website, but it has to be done properly. Be authentic, don’t spam groups or communities, and most significantly. Create content with which individuals can engage. You also want to take care you have got cleaned up any bad backlinks. 

Getting links from directories or pages that have plenty of links isn’t as beneficial for improving PageRank. Every link on a page will dilute the worth of your link, so while directory-type links are valuable in other ways, they’re going to not be an enormous help for improving PageRank.

Internal linking

One of the foremost underrated SEO tactics is internal linking. By using internal links to pass PageRank from one page to a different one, you’ll make a giant impact on your rank and traffic. As an example, your homepage will usually have the very best PageRank thanks to the number of internet sites linking to that.

Every link from your homepage to a different page on your website will boost the authority of the page being linked to. Additionally, think about employing an SEO tool to spot pages within your website that have high authority, and adding links from those pages to lower-authority pages to offer your pages a lift.

A quick trick is to appear at your Google Analytics is, usually, the pages with the foremost organic traffic are the best authority pages. So you’ll be able to start using those pages to make internal links to less authoritative pages to provide them with a fast boost, as long because the links are relevant to the content on the page.

External linking

While the number of links on a page might affect the “value” of that link to the page being linked to, it doesn’t harm your own. If you discover a resource that’s helpful for your viewers, then you must add a link thereto resource.

How to Calculate PageRank?

Unfortunately, there’s no way for you to accurately know what your PageRank is. Some websites claim to supply you along with your PageRank, but these aren’t verified tools so there’s no proof they’re providing accurate data.

Other tools like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz have all created their version of numerical values that were meant to copy the PageRank score. For example, SEMRush has what they call an “authority score”, which offers a numerical value that may signal how helpful a backlink from a website could also be. This score relies on the following:

  1. Monthly traffic to an internet site
  2. Average keyword position
  3. Backlink data

But Google doesn’t use these values in its Google PageRank algorithm. While you’ll use them as a guide to understanding your website authority, they’re not a substitute for PageRank. While most SEOs don’t care much about PageRank anymore and don’t try and optimize for it, it’s still worth understanding. Ultimately, your PageRank will many thanks as you’re employed on building backlinks, improving your internal linking, and using authoritative external links.

Google PageRank tool

The problem with the toolbar was that it created an obsession and caused many SEOs to do and find ways to govern it. Essentially, the Google team realized that creating this score public was adding little value to website owners and decided to prevent investing in it. Google still uses PageRank. While it should not be a metric that website owners have access to, it’s still utilized in their algorithms.

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