In this fast-moving world, the Internet is your solution for every query or problem. Google is your one-stop destination for finding solutions and answers to your questions. You tend to google everything, right from gathering study-specific information to searching about different entities. Google’s Knowledge Graph includes knowledge panels. This Google Knowledge Panel contains information about various entities. They generate automatically and help you get a glance over the information on your searched topic.

It gathers information from various sources. It provides it based on Google’s understanding of the content available on the web. It is a box of information that is present on the right side of Google’s search engine results pages. It helps your company shine in the crowd. It has the power to place you at the top of SERPs. A knowledge panel can help you drive more organic traffic, clicks and more on your website. This panel comprises information that Google considers as facts.

The algorithm establishes these facts and it acquires the data by Google bots. You can easily identify the knowledge panel, a small ‘share’ icon represents it. It enhances the search experience of the users. The knowledge panel helps you understand a topic by providing you with the key points. It makes it easy for you to explore the topic in detail. It shows the most accurate, popular and relevant information for the searched topic. Knowledge panels have many benefits. Therefore, you must have a thorough understanding of the concept. This blog will help you understand the knowledge panel.

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Understanding Google knowledge panel – 

Google knowledge panel provides a snapshot of information for your searched topic. It is reliable and hard to manipulate. It is an important and popular part of marketing. The knowledge panel is very essential for your business. It provides an overview of your company to the searchers. The Knowledge Graph of Google has this panel. This graph is the knowledge base of entities. It is a positive element for both users and SEO. It gives more relevant results to users and more traffic to SEO

A knowledge panel generally appears when people search for a specific topic. It provides information about your business to people on Google’s search engine results pages without visiting your website. It is of two types, branded knowledge panel and local knowledge panel. 

1. Branded knowledge panels – 

Branded knowledge panels provide information about big corporations. It has links to companies’ social media profiles, websites and more. It also shows similar companies that people also search for. If your business is big, has some meaningful online presence, Google will give you a branded knowledge panel. The panel exhibits the following information – 

  • Name of the CEO
  • Date founded
  • Stock price
  • Location of Headquarters
  • Number of location
  • Customer Service number
  • Number of employees
2. Local knowledge panel – 

Local google knowledge panel shows information about local and individual business locations. It helps individual businesses with hyperlocal marketing. It is easy to get since Google finds it more relevant for users who are searching for local businesses. The knowledge panel displays the following information – 

  • Address of the company
  • Star-rating and reviews
  • Phone numbers
  • Popular times and hours
  • Link to websites and pictures 

Benefits of Google knowledge panel – 

  1. Knowledge panel helps you enhance your brand visibility. Since it’s the first thing that people see, it will bring prominence to your product and brand. It helps you to eliminate the ads from your competitors.
  2. It helps businesses establish authority. It helps you establish your panel on Google’s search engine results pages. This will make your company look authentic, credible and reliable.
  3. Knowledge panel allows higher engagement. When the panel features your business, you attract more engagement. The panel includes your websites and social media profiles that help audiences in connecting with you.
  4. The knowledge panel provides quick, relevant and rich results of your query. The Knowledge Graph contains some high-value data that provides a good amount of information to the searchers without visiting any web page or website.

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4 steps to create a Google knowledge panel – 

Knowledge panels are automatically updated and generated. You can easily create it and make the appearance of your knowledge panel frequent. If your business already has a knowledge panel, you just have to claim and verify it. If you don’t have one, you can create it by following these steps – 

  1. Create a Wikipedia and wiki data page. These two are the main source of information for google while making a knowledge panel. Therefore, your business must have an online presence on these platforms.
  1. To enhance your brand’s visibility, social media is the best option. So, you must remain active on social network platforms. The knowledge panel includes your social media profiles, this helps Google and users know your brand and connect with you.
  1. Next, include a schema markup on your website. It enhances your online presence and CTRs. If you implement structured data on your site, Google can efficiently review your site’s content.
  1. Use meta tags to provide numerous possible information about your website. Then, optimize those meta tags and include meta description and title along with primary keywords. 
  1. Now, you have to create a listing on local dictionaries. You must create a Google My Business profile to get your local business listed on the knowledge panel. 

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Concluding note – 

You must acquire a Google knowledge panel for your company. It enhances your appearance in SERPs and your audience’s eyes. It also reflects that google understands your brand and content. So, follow this guide and get a better understanding of the knowledge panel. It will help you create a panel and improve the online presence of your business.