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Digital Marketing for Cleaning Business; the Roadmap to Success

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At the confluence point of industrialization, urbanization, and modernism, getting rooted and occupied with household work could be a major setback for the ever-evolving human resource in the organized sector. Talking about households superficially brings women to the conversation and seizes their professional opportunities in most cases. However, modern problems have developed their antithesis, and the cleaning business is one such remedy to an already overburdened work-life balance. 

Talking about cleaning businesses, post-Covid trends have made this industry one of the fastest emerging industries in the world. With the demand for work-from-home facilities and “who will work at home," these businesses have made a tremendous profit by facilitating cleaning to housekeeping services.

According to the Home Service Economic Report published at Jobber, cleaning industry revenue grew 14% in 2021. The same study noted that 80% of households would be expected to use cleaning service by 2024 and this is urging approximately 20% year-on-year growth in the residential cleaning sector.

These numbers show the growing importance of cleaning businesses for both the consumer and the service provider. 

However, with the prevalent strong and fierce competition already existing in the industry, standing out with your cleaning business is the one major factor that could take your business to the mountain. And to do so, the Internet is the best option, second to none. Wonder how? Let’s find out!


Digital marketing for cleaning business?

Yes, you read it right! To outshine the rivalries and expand more and more customer base, what's better than digital marketing? With a highly competitive landscape, knowing how to market cleaning services proficiently is the only way out for such business owners. Amidst the list of a hundred ways to market your cleaning business, we have curated a brief yet insightful list of cleaning company marketing ideas that are a must for you to follow. 

The Internet is the key

With a thousand services, offers, and tools provided over the internet, the first step that you must take is to envision your cleaning business operating virtually. The Internet is a place where you can find anything, and so is the possibility of being found! Then why not make the best out of it? Imagine you want spa care and search for the best services near you, and the internet brings you the best results based on what and where you were searching, and you end up relaxing on a spa chair. The same could happen to your business if that is visible on the internet. 

Your digital visibility hugely contributes to your service accessibility which, in turn, builds a strong customer base for your cleaning business. Moreover, it also generates possibilities of extending your business to a full-time cleaning service provider with several individuals working and finding opportunities under your venture. 

Now, the question is, how do we increase our visibility with digital marketing and the Internet? Curating a marketing strategy for a cleaning company is extremely important for you. Here is a quick To-do for you to follow: 

Increase Website Visibility

1. Host an SEO-friendly website

Your first step towards digitizing your cleaning business should be hosting a website that is SEO optimized. Curating and hosting a website does sound like a cakewalk at first; however, a website that is not SEO-friendly might come to you more as a burden than a resource. Therefore, getting your website SEO approved and designing it in such a way that it gives the best possible first impression is a major must. 

That means your website is likely to appear on the first page of any search engine and has a greater possibility of being explored by potential customers. One such website for your cleaning business can take your little endeavor to generate more web traffic and thus fetch more and more leads for your services. 

Make sure your website hosts a demo section where customers can book a demo and get to know about your cleaning services in person.

2. Learn and apply content marketing

Content has taken every industry by storm and the cleaning industry is no exception. A recent survey has shown 60% of internet users spend significant portion of their day reading blogs.

The ever-rising craze of blog writing and reading has been transgressing the outlines of sharing and receiving information worldwide. With over 600+ million blogs available globally, content marketing can work as a brownie point for your cleaning business. While developing and hosting a website was the first step, publishing blogs related to your work ethic, experiences, the latest cleaning trends, and so on can boost your website engagement. 

You can also hire writers or agencies to write for your website if you are not able to find the time. However, make sure your blogs contain relevant industry keywords, and keywords are the driving source of success of any blog published over the internet. 

Make sure the blogs on your website are SEO optimized and are exclusively written. 

3. Excel social media marketing

Social media is the most loved, trusted, and utilized byproduct of the internet that can unite people with people across countries with one click and that one click can connect your cleaning business to thousands of service seekers over the internet too! 

For that, curate your social media profile across as many platforms as possible, showcase your services, connect with customers, and focus on visual and moving content that tends to grab more attention than any other type of content. Social media marketing for cleaning businesses is a needed step for you. 

Ensure you keep your social media consistent and address as many queries as possible. Customers who receive satisfactory replies are more likely to stay and connect further. 


4. Invest in pay-per-click marketing

Pay-per-click services play your cleaning business ads over many channels and increase the possibility of your business being discovered. Technically you would require to seek guidance from an agency that works for pay-per-click so a third party will promote your business, and you will be required to pay with every click that a customer might make. 

It is important to focus on geo-targeting so you won't waste money on promotions in areas where your services are inaccessible. It lets you run ads in specific areas or regions of your choice. 

Ensure your ads include all the services, regions served, experience, and contact information so a potential customer can reach out to you. 


5. Market your client reviews

The only thing that entices a customer to try a service is its positive feedback. Recall searching for a product online and scrolling through reviews and feedback. Provide the option of reviewing your client testimonials to your new visitors or customers. 

Having to know about your past services and how they went through the narratives of a past customer can boost the chances of you or your cleaning business getting hired. Always keep your business feedback friendly and do host a feedback corner everywhere you tend to digitize your service. 

Refrain from using paid reviews and ask real customers to drop feedback for your cleaning business. Maintaining authenticity is a must in a word-to-mouth industry like cleaning. 


Are you ready? Let's get digital!

In a world where everyone wants their requirements to be fulfilled with a click and where time is money, the digitalization of your cleaning business is a cherry on top for you to grow and expand. The cleaning services sector has a higher possibility to thrive in the near future, and in due time, it is crucial for you to adapt to newer technologies to take your business online. 

So what are you waiting for? We have provided a brief to-do list for you. Following so will boost target marketing for cleaning services. Learn the skill, execute today, and manifest your dream of a nourishing business. Chances are soaring for you!

For more such blogs, tips, and tricks, stay tuned with us. We have got a whole lot for you and your business. Unveil your digital magic today! 


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