If you are a blogger at WordPress, you will face various WordPress errors that are not too much to worry about. You can easily tackle these common WordPress errors with the help of this article. So read and find out. 

14 Common WordPress Errors

Technical difficulties in website

WordPress has released WordPress 5.2 with a fatal bug defence feature. A quick error message states, “This site has technical difficulties.” Whenever this error occurs then you will get a mail to resolve the error. This email message provides a link to the backend and the error patch.

Any of the fatal errors listed in this article will cause this error message. It gets more complicated to figure out whether you don’t have access to the admin email or can’t receive WordPress emails. The best way to resolve it is to ensure the right email address for your WordPress admin and accept WordPress emails. If you cannot receive email from WordPress, see our guide to solving the WordPress email issue.

Internal server error

The most confounding error of WordPress that a novice might face is “Internal Server Error,” or “500 Internal Server Error.” Typically this bug happens where something is mistaken, but the server can’t recognize where it is. As the error message does not say where to look, you have to work it out quite often.

Our list of solutions has been assembled to help you overcome it, and one of them. WordPress has released WordPress 5.2 with a fatal bug defence feature. A quick error message states, “This site has technical difficulties.” This feature reveals WordPress then emails the WordPress email address with full info. This email message provides a link to the backend and the error patch.

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Error establishing a database connection 

This error message indicates that you can not link to this database on your website. But it can be difficult for beginners to correct this mistake.

It usually happens when a user accessed or updated his/her database credentials inappropriately (database host, database username, and database password). Often you may not respond to your database server or could have compromised your database. However, most of the time, it is wrong. Think traditional solutions to this problem.

White screen issue

This type of error usually leads to an error-free simple screen. It’s the most challenging mystery when you don’t know where to look and what to remedy. It is often triggered when the PHP memory cap is exhausted by a script. The setup on the server will even make things possible. You can also see a customer in only some areas of the page with a white death screen.

404 Error

This error is symptomatic of a 404 page anytime a person reads a single article on their site – an error is not detected. All other areas, including the admin area, are open to the user. The most frequent source of this problem is permalink settings in WordPress. A user has to reconfigure their permalink settings or change the rewrite rules manually to fix this issue.

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The sidebar below content error 

Another typical problem facing beginners is that the sidebar appears below the contents when close to the content. Themes in WordPress primarily trigger this dilemma.

Sometimes as users add snippets of code to a web, they may by mistake fail to close an HTML div tag or add another closing div, which can split the subject arrangement. Another common factor is the unnecessary breadth of CSS or not adequately clearing floats.

Missing buttons and white text error

When the classic WordPress editor is used, the visual editor’s keys often may vanish, or blank white spaces may appear instead of buttons. It will happen when the JavaScript concatenation doesn’t work. That may also be attributed to TinyMCE files’ absence or corruption or a clash with other plugs that change or expand WordPress shipped TinyMCE.

Locked out from WordPress admin

Even the WordPress administrative region can be shut out. It will occur if the login and password recovery email were not forgotten. You may also lock out a plugin or code that seeks to alter the administration portion correctly. You can even lose entry through a compromised WordPress site to the admin region.

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WordPress login page redirecting and refreshing issue

The signs of this problem are that when a user wants to log into the WordPress dashboard, they have been diverted to the login page from WordPress. It typically occurs because of incorrect values in the WordPress options table for site URL and home URL fields. It also may be attributed to improperly installed permalink settings or redirects configuration to the. htaccess register.

Image upload issue

Often a person accidentally points out that all pictures from their website are gone, and that image holders are broken. If the user fails to upload a picture to the post using the media uploader, an error occurs. Many of these files are split in the media library. This mistake happens because of the wrong WordPress download files and directory permissions. 

Common image issues

It can be frustrating for someone new to WordPress to post pictures to a WordPress account. A consumer will not work out how pictures should be matched, redimensioned or copied, or galleries. It is not a WordPress mistake or concern. You have to see how WordPress treats media.

Are you sure you want to make this error? 

In the WordPress admin field, users can notice this mistake. The most prevalent trigger is a plugin or subject that does not correctly use Nonce. Special identification keys may be added to the URLs while an administrative operation is carried out in WordPress. Often a plugin or theme will exploit it, leading to this mistake being noticed by users.

Scheduled maintenance error 

Often you can see a “Shortly Irresponsible for Scheduled Maintenance” error in WordPress due to an incomplete or interrupted WordPress update. What happens is that WordPress updates the platform in maintenance mode. If the upgrade is stopped for whatever reason, WordPress won’t delete the website from its repair framework. This mistake could lock up the entire website and discourage administrators and visitors from making it available.

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WordPress Errors
WordPress not sending email issue

The most prominent symptom of this dilemma is that you will not get any contact form or emails from your website. It is typically triggered by the disability or restriction of the module used to deliver emails to avoid misuse by most hosting services.

So these were common WordPress errors that you will face one or the other time while using WordPress. You can easily tackle these issues if you know the basics of WordPress or reach out to the customer support of WordPress.