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Best LinkedIn Statistics | Insights on User Engagement in 2024

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However, as a user, you will prefer to get material on online social networking behemoths like Twitter and Instagram. But if someone were a business advertiser, then they might need LinkedIn as a main social platform for important choices along with clients. Also, individuals are using it to connect with certain other people in the business and find new staff members for outsourcing according to LinkedIn user statistics.

It has evolved into much more than just a professional social networking platform. It has now grown to become a place to find valuable content too. So, today's marketers and brands use it to build connections along with posting vacancies. 

You can use it to look for content that helps in upgrading marketing tactics and staying up to speed with the latest industry trends. And if you need to distinguish yourself as a thought leader in your niche, then LinkedIn user statistics should be a part of the campaign.

Some Best-Regarded LinkedIn User Statistics

1.LinkedIn monthly active users

Based on the firm's latest data of January 29, LinkedIn had gained over 900 million users in more than 190 nations, with close to 200-300 million monthly active customers. Its rate of growth from one year to the next is almost 18%. However, with something like a 19–21% increase rate in 2021, it has achieved the greatest level to date.

2. LinkedIn Users By Industry

Over 148 different industrial categories are present on this platform. So little over 40% of its users by industry are from the list of top categories. These top sectors have undergone significant shifts over the last five years. But one main thing is that the education industry is now one of the best-known. However, there was an improvement in the automobile sector too, For the best professional network, explore valuable endorsements on LinkedIn. And in contrast, there has been a rise in the size of the global pharmaceutical industries. But the influence of epidemics might be a reason for such positive growth in mental health services.

3. Biggest Customer Share

You'll be shocked to learn that most of LinkedIn's users belong to Asia. Thus more than 250 million of the company's most current official statistics users are in this area. Now including over 230 million users, Europe, the Gulf Region, and Africa are in second place, followed by North America including over 215 million registered users, which is in 3rd spot overall. Both Mideast and North Africa account for 49 million users, which is great considering how little interest they still have in LinkedIn.

4. Linkedin For Business

Currently, this platform lists more than 60 million businesses. And since late, 80% of customers are willing to give any company a chance if the representative contacts them directly.As a result, there are approximately 11,000 software companies listed on LinkedIn for many businesses. And because of the expansion of the process of recruitment, resulted in a 115% rise in approved recruits in Q4 2022 compared to the previous quarter. While work-from-home checks on LinkedIn increased during the outbreak due to individuals who are afraid of getting sick.

5. Advertising On LinkedIn

It allows companies to possibly reach 15% of a global population using your adverts today. Also, LinkedIn's ad reach increased by 24 million customers in Q4 2022, a great increase over 2023. Due to easy access to its ads, several companies have noticed a 37% boost in consumer engagement. Additionally, companies that advertise on LinkedIn find a 3–4x increase in brand characteristics, so develop an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy.

6. Linkedin Gender Demographics

According to specific statistics, men are more likely than women to use this social network for connections. Additionally, men make up roughly 60% of Registered users, with women making up approximately 40% of consumers. The information is still changing and many more women are becoming LinkedIn active users. And even though men are using the site more, a study on usage patterns and interaction patterns shows that women are 20% more employed than men after submitting a job application.

Which Device Users Use LinkedIn the Most?

You've probably noticed that the world is shifting to an emphasis on mobile devices. Therefore, it is not surprising to learn that mobile devices contribute to around 60% of all visitors to LinkedIn, use power of LinkedIn analytics to gain valuable insights and optimize your networking efforts. However, these percentages haven't evolved much, even though they will within the next few years. Also, it has been predicted that these statistics will rise by 2025. Additionally, according to a LinkedIn survey, 85% of people who use mobile devices, like laptops and smartphones, engage with content (Mainly Smartphones). As a result, marketers need to ensure that the material they use to advertise on the site is mobile-friendly.

Linkedin Business Model

It is indeed a networking platform that assists in integrating new or industry professionals who desire to establish their connections with employers and advertisers.It is a network of contacts due to its sizable user base of experts from many industries with different locations. Also, LinkedIn has members from over 190 countries with more than 900 million users overall.

LinkedIn Statistics For Job Seekers

Well over 20 million job vacancies are available at the moment including from 60 million companies that are officially listed on LinkedIn.Given those numbers, it should not be surprising that approximately 90% of employers use or interact with other LinkedIn users at certain points during the recruiting process. This indicates that over 55 million individuals are using this social network every week to look for jobs to get employed. As a consequence, over 8 applicants are employed on LinkedIn every moment. Employers are 13% more likely to click on a female's resume if it appears in a query, despite actual statistics on LinkedIn being higher for male applicants and lower for female prospects. If you're looking for tips for LinkedIn recommendations, check out our guide to crafting compelling testimonials.

LinkedIn Revenue Sources

Microsoft saw promise in this platform and thus bought it for $26.2 billion in 2016. Furthermore, among many other social networks that depend on adverts, members of LinkedIn are often inclined to pay monthly or annually with a membership pack for the site's services. The income of LinkedIn surpasses $14.5 billion a year, with a growth of 37% from 2021 to 2022. And after a remarkable six years, this remains notable. The Career Plan is the best compared to other options available for those seeking work because it gives access to 5 InMail conversations every month, along with on-demand course videos, the option to monitor who has visited your page, the number of times you have shown up in searches, along with more details on open positions.

Linkedin For B2B Marketers

Unlike other networks like some B2B marketers that use other Social media, almost all Marketing teams use LinkedIn. According to the figures, it outperforms Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, which are used by 70%, 72%, & 58 % of B2B companies, explore effective B2B lead generation strategies, respectively, based on which of them generates more leads. However, it continues to be not nearly a good medium for attracting customers compared to its competition for many advertisers in the social network platform. Thus, only 20% of strategists selected LinkedIn as the most crucial channel for a company.

Due to LinkedIn's growing popularity, marketing efforts may increase and this data may change. Therefore, 60% of businesses want to increase their organic social network activity using it, which can become a component of your plan too.

Linkedin’s Role In Business Sales

Nobody is surprised that social media sites greatly impact a customer's purchasing choice given their extensive use of them in modern society, know more about the latest social media statistics here. It's believed online portals have a better effect on the purchasing decisions of far more than 6 out of 11 consumers.

Thus LinkedIn appears to be winning because 56% of buyers cite it as the source that influenced their decision to buy. Furthermore, 45 percent of those who think weblogs as the best also agree that this platform has the greatest impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should you post on LinkedIn as a business?

Ans: To gain more insight, company owners can publish slightly over 2-3 times each day and not over 4-6 times a day. For optimal page effectiveness on LinkedIn, posting at least twice every day with no more than four times daily is advised. And it's been shown that businesses that post at minimum once per day increase their followers five times more quickly compared to those who don't.

2. How many free jobs can you post on LinkedIn?

Ans: There cannot be more than 1 free open job posting in one go and this is viewable to anyone on LinkedIn & displays in search queries. As a result, monitoring and sifting potential candidates is made easier. One may include a limit in the job posting of two times with as many suitable applications. A focused & wider reach will indeed make the advertisement available to the most qualified applicants on it.

3. How many jobs can you post on LinkedIn for free?

Ans: There can't be more than a single open and free job ad at a time. But you get visibility to anyone on LinkedIn along with search queries. As a consequence, tracking and screening potential applicants is simplified. Therefore, a restriction in the job advertisement can be included to get qualified applications. Also, a more targeted and broad reach will ensure that the ad is seen by suitable applicants on this platform.

4. How many connections on LinkedIn to create a company page?

Anyone can build a company profile on this platform with at least one connection, and it's not at all difficult to accomplish. Just go to LinkedIn and publish a job posting, but keep in mind that you can only create one for free before you must pay for further postings.


LinkedIn had over 900 million users in over 190 countries as of January 29. According to Social Status, the rate of increase from one year to the next is about 18%. However, with a rise of 19-21% in 2021, it has reached its highest level to date.

Also, Asia is home to more than 250 million of the company's most recent official data consumers. Furthermore, 80% of customers are ready to give a firm a chance if a representative approaches them according to LinkedIn user statistics. Also, it is used by over 55 million people to hunt for work and get hired.

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