A website needs constant monitoring, managing and more. Website performance is a great concern for every business. It is a deciding factor in the growth and success of any organization. If a website is functioning well, it will give a pleasing experience to its visitors. Multiple factors decide whether a web site’s performance is good or not. For instance, uptime rate, speed of page loading, site traffic, latency and more. 

Suppose, your website is slow and takes time in the loading of the page. This will make the visitors unhappy and they will leave your website. Ultimately, your site’s rank will go down. You can use the website performance monitoring service to check the site’s backend performance. It can help you in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Sometimes, the site’s performance goes down because of the lack of trust, credibility and more. This can happen because of cyber attacks, threats and hackers on the website. In this case, you must use a website security monitoring service to secure your site.

Website monitoring services can help you make critical decisions regarding your site. It can help you manage your website effectively and efficiently. This article will guide you through the website monitoring tools and services. 

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Essential website monitoring services 

It is important to keep the site up and running. Here is the list of website performance monitoring services. It will help you in managing and maintaining the speed, security and more of your site.

1. Monitis

Monitis is the best site monitoring service for e-commerce sites. It is best for customized plans and prices. It allows you to choose the features of your need and pay for them. It is the best service for monitoring the uptime, transactions and full page-load of the site. It monitors your website every 60 seconds using more than 30 locations from across the globe. It provides you with daily, weekly, monthly reports and instant alerts for faults. Monitis uses DNS to ensure accuracy. It also monitors the server, checks email, VoIP, Public IP and more. Its features include –

  • Real user monitoring
  • Multiple protocols for testing such as HTTP, PING and HTTPS.
  • Synthetic transaction monitoring
  • Asset tracking
  • Funnel visualisation
  • Comprehensive reporting 
  • Backup and patching

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2. Host Tracker 

Host Tracker provides the best website security monitoring service. It comes with unique features such as SSL monitoring, uptime reports and downtime alerts. It helps you find your domain on a DNS blacklist. Host Tracker uses more than 140 locations for monitoring the website. It pauses the Google ads if the website goes down. After recovery of the site, it starts the ads again. It also provides features like server load parameters. This feature is helpful to elements like CPU, HDD and RAM. Host Tracker has three plan options, webmaster, business and enterprise. Each plan comes with a 30-day trial. This can help you understand the features and the dashboard.

3. Pingdom 

Pingdom is the best website performance monitoring service. It comes with a free site speed test and real-time outage map tools. It is the best site monitoring service for small and medium businesses. It integrates with third-party services like Webhooks, VictorOps and Slack. This helps in optimizing reports, alerts, incident management and dashboard. You can use HTTP-based, RESTful API to customize and automate synthetic monitoring interactions.

Pingdom uses over 100 locations to monitor uptime. It monitors transactions, new user registrations, user log in and provides page speed analysis. It gives you insights into users’ experience from across the globe. Pingdom monitors your site every 60 seconds. Its features include –

  • Real user monitoring
  • Root cause analysis
  • Cloud performance monitoring
  • SSL certificate monitoring
  • Website uptime history
  • Server uptime and Joomla monitoring
  • Bounce rate checker
  • Colour-coded chart bars
4. UptimeRobot

UptimeRobot is one of the best free website monitoring services. You get services like HTTP(S) monitoring, ping monitoring, response time monitoring and port monitoring. It is a free monitoring plan that provides 50 monitors. It checks the website every 5 minutes and offers two months of log history. You can set custom downtime notifications. You can have advanced features by upgrading to the UptimeRobot Pro plan. Its features include

  • 24-month log retention
  • Cron job monitoring
  • SMS alerts and voice calls
  • SSL and keyword monitoring
  • Advanced maintenance windows
  • Advanced notifications and alerts settings
  • HTTP type customization
  • Unlimited status pages
5. Uptrends 

Uptrends is the best internal monitoring service. It is a cloud-based solution for network and performance checking. It provides a free site monitoring service. It provides services like free website speed test, downside alerts and notifications. It also has paid plans namely, starter, premium, professional, business and enterprise. It supports protocols and devices like HTTP, Windows, Ping, Connect and SNMP. 

You can even customize your dashboard for internal server checking. It allows you to have control over data presentation. It provides web monitoring services. Uptrends uses more than 220 locations from across the globe. It checks transactions and uptime performance. It uses synthetic monitoring. Its features include:

  • Interactive charts
  • Public status pages
  • Error snapshots
  • API monitoring
  • External server monitoring 
6. StatusCake 

StatusCake is one of the best website monitoring services. It has more than 100,000 users including, Netflix, Microsoft and JetBrains. It has over 200 monitoring servers in 43 countries. StatusCake has the fastest URL testing intervals. It checks the site’s status every 30-seconds. It comes with advanced monitoring features. It gives access to team tools like audit logs and multi-user logins. Its benefits include –

  • SSL monitoring
  • Page speed test
  • Virus scanning
  • Alters, reports and notifications
  • Domain monitoring
7. Site24×7

Site24×7 is the best monitoring service for multiple apps and websites. It can check up to 500 websites at one time. It monitors the website, server, cloud, network and application. It uses synthetic and real user monitoring. You can select the monitoring location from multiple addresses across the globe. It supports Java, Ruby, PHP and more. It also monitors Windows, Docker, Linux, Azure and more. It uses a single log for collecting, storing, analyzing and consolidating the data. Its features include 

  • Root cause analysis
  • Alters, reports and notifications
  • Mobile access
  • SLA management 
  • Hosted status pages
  • Adaptable and flexible service to multiple websites.

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Concluding note 

Website monitoring services offer several tools that help you in tracking the health-related factors of your site. It helps you in improving the working condition of the site. You must use a website security monitoring service to keep your site safe and secure. If your site functions well, it will attract more visitors. Improved site’s performance can increase your website’s ranking. You must use these monitoring services to enhance your site’s actual performance.