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#1 Professional SEO Services in USA: Increase Your Growth

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Professional SEO services in USA have become the driving force behind the success of some of the biggest global brands. They have turned their client's website into a high-quality lead generation machine that never fails. Like these companies, you can also make your business successful all you need is a reliable SEO expert in USA, and your business will be all set to capture the world!

SEO is the link that helps you connect with people. According to one statistic, about 53% of website visitors come from organic searches. So, if your website is not optimized, it will become impossible for you to reach your target audience, thus leading to its fall down. However, there is still time you can save your website from ever reaching that point by hiring professional SEO services in USA.

Are you looking for professional SEO services? Then you are at the right place. This blog will give you a clear idea of how professional SEO experts can help convert your website traffic into revenue! Keep reading to find out more about their services.

What are the services offered by a professional SEO company?

Depending on the professional SEO company's scale and expertise, they can offer various SEO services targeting multiple parts of your website. While looking for professional SEO services in USA, you must first find the source of your website’s problem. Depending on the problem, you can gauge what type of services it requires to solve this issue.

So, how will you recognize what types of services your website requires? Keep reading to find out more about these SEO professional services.

Website Audit

The first thing any professional SEO services company will do is to check their client's website thoroughly to understand where their SEO efforts stand. While conducting a website, they check every corner of your website to find any problem areas.

Next, they will provide you with an audit report mentioning the status of your website SEO. Additionally, they will also provide you with actionable insights to help improve your website’s performance.

Custom SEO Strategy

A good strategy is the base of any successful SEO campaign. Your SEO strategy decides whether your website will succeed or not. However, no one-size-fits-all strategy works for every website because the requirements and goals of every website are unique.

Therefore, customized solutions are required to improve the website's SEO. Professional SEO services in USA will be able to provide you with a comprehensive SEO strategy that is tailor-made for your website only.

Technical SEO Services

Professional SEO specialists always make sure to include technical SEO. Technical SEO is vital to maintaining the performance of your website. Any good service provider will ensure that your website’s technical elements are optimized for users and the search engine.

Search engines like Google consider technical elements like page speed, mobile friendliness, site architecture, etc., as important ranking factors. Therefore, getting your website's backend right with professional technical SEO services is very important.

On page SEO

On-page SEO refers to the optimization of the various on-page elements of your webpage. It is one of the most basic SEO strategies used by professional SEO services in USA. They can help optimize these factors to increase your website ranking on the SERPs. Additionally, it can also help users find your website easily and organically.

Link Building Services

Another important ranking factor that holds a lot of weight in your website’s ranking and credibility is backlinks. How many links are directed toward your website is a testament to how trustworthy your website is. The search engine refers to the backlinks to discern the credibility of your websites.

Professional SEO experts play a crucial role in assisting businesses with various tactics such as content marketing, broken link building, outreach, and more, making it essential for companies to carefully consider when looking to 'hire local SEO experts' for optimizing their online presence.

SEO Copywriting

Content plays quite an important role in your website's SEO strategies. Optimized content can attract the right users and convert them into loyal customers.

Professional SEO services can help you create engaging, informative, and unique content that easily attract customers and search engine. Their team of expert copywriters can help you craft content that is so irresistible that other websites can’t help but link it.

Keyword Research

Keywords play a pivotal role by helping users and search engines identify the relevancy of your website. Suppose your content is not optimized with the right industry-related keywords. It will be challenging for users to find your content and search engines to rank your website.

Keyword research can sometimes be very tricky. Therefore, professional SEO services in USA conduct thorough research to help websites discover the right keyword that drives high traffic.

Reports and Ongoing Support

One of the primary jobs of any service provider is to keep their clients in the loop and constantly update them about their progress. Similarly, professional SEO companies also ensure that they include their clients throughout the process and keep them aware of their campaigns. You can also request that they keep track of your website’s SEO to prevent mishaps.

By partnering with professional SEO services in USA you will be doing your own business a huge favor. In all of this, one question may have arisen: Would it be better to have an in-house SEO of your own?

While the idea may seem attractive, there are a few things you need to consider before taking such a big step. The next section will compare professional SEO services with in-house SEO services to determine which is better.

Difference between professional SEO services vs. in-house SEO

By now, you already know how important it is to have a professional SEO by your side. With that out of your sight, you can now focus on understanding which is better for your business: SEO agency or in-house SEO.

Here is a side-by-side comparison to help you understand these two differences.

Professional SEOIn-house SEO
Professional SEO services have more experience. Additionally, they have experience in working with various industries.Since in-house teams are part of the business, they have a deeper understanding of your goals and industry.
They can scale up and down resources based on the needs of their clients.


Smaller companies do not have the resources to hire a team of professionals with different skills and specialization.

With an external SEO agency, there is a scope of communication gap.


In an in-house team, communication is often seamless and uninterrupted.

Some external agencies may find it challenging to understand their client's culture, vision, and missionAn in-house team will be more familiar with the company's culture, mission, and vision.
One of the biggest advantages of SEO agencies is that they are very flexible and affordable.


On the other hand, housing your own SEO team can be quite costly. Therefore, not many businesses prefer them.

Professional SEO agencies would have better access to the latest tools and they are very quick to adapt to the new changes in the SEO guidelines.It takes a lot of resources to provide the in-house team with new tools and train them.

In conclusion, both in-house and professional SEO services have their pros and cons. Therefore, it is tough to decide. Our suggestion is to depend on a professional SEO company because they are cost-effective and less risky. On that note, the next section will focus on determining how much hiring professional SEO services in USA will cost you.

How much do professional SEO services in the USA cost?

The cost of hiring a professional really depends on your business needs and the scale of your project. Other than that, it also depends on the experience and expertise of the company you are hiring.

The more experience they have, the better the quality of their services, and the more they will cost. Here are some other important factors that determine the cost of your SEO services:

  • Competitiveness of the keyword
  • The number of keywords you want to target
  • Types of services
  • Types of company
  • Location of the company
  • The size of your website
  • Duration of services
  • Quality of services

If you are a small business and hire a top SEO company, you will obviously find them a bit more expensive. However, if you are a large company, then the prize of hiring top SEO services in the USA might not even faze you.

However, if you want an approximate rate, then be prepared to pay anywhere from between $2000 to $10,000 per month. Additionally, the hourly rate of professional SEO services in the USA is estimated to be between $100 and $250.

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Now that you have a good idea about the cost of hiring SEO professional services in the USA. Let's look at Gigde's professional SEO services and their advantages.

What are the benefits of working with GigDe's professional SEO services?

As a professional SEO agency in the US, we can provide businesses with all kinds of SEO services. We do everything from technical SEO to local SEO, local keyword research, to SEO copywriting. Our reliable and experienced team of experts can optimize your website to produce the best possible results.

Following are some of the top benefits of relying on our SEO services:

  • We can help you be found at the top of search results.
  • Our experts can ensure your website appears on top when users search for relevant queries.
  • We can help you optimize your website and create a plan that delivers on all the important KPIs.
  • With Gigde, you don't have to worry about your brand awareness because we will help you maximize it with our expert knowledge.
  • Gigde can also provide you with local SEO services to help you drive foot traffic.
  • Our link-building services will ensure your website receives enough backlinks to skyrocket your authority and credibility.
  • Moreover, we are one of the most affordable professional SEO services in the USA without compromising service quality.

All in all, you can believe in our capacity to make your website the absolute best there is on the internet. Therefore, if you are considering finding a good SEO agency in the USA, give Gigde a chance to show you its magic!


Hiring professional SEO services in USA is a must if you want your business to taste the sweetness of success. In addition, you need to ensure that the company you find gives you their absolute best. So, if you want your business to prosper and your website SEO to deliver, we recommend Gigde.

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