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7 B2B Customer Experience that Changed Marketing Strategies

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The border between B2B and B2C is blurred, and the pandemic has altered it forever. Over the last year, the need to work from home has changed corporate conduct, creating an environment in which to do business in a less official and more personal way. The B2B customer experience has completely changed, and business firms are taking new steps to implement the new changes. In this article, we have jotted down some of the top predictions for B2B customer experience management. So scroll down to find more details in this B2B customer experience case study. 

B2B companies have realized that the organizations they’re marketing are actual people, people who may like to prepare food, like walking the dog and watching their kids watch soccer on weekends. The more B2B organizations become personally familiar with their customers, the better and richer the relationship and customer experience will be. With 80 percent of Salesforce participants admitting that their experiences are as important as the products and services of a company, organizations must re-examine the B2B customer experience to keep up with consumer expectations.

What are the predictions for the B2B customer experience?

Below are the predictions for the B2B customer experience:

Your customers anticipate deeper personalization levels

In the same way, we expect consumer brands to “know” us and our preferences, we expect the same from B2B customer experiences. B2B decision-makers seek to reduce complications and save time through humanized, personalized, and useful experiences. 

You want companies to anticipate their needs in addition to the algorithm “You liked it, try it now.” It is about creating relationships, strengthened by data, tools, and automation, together with intelligence from all the interplay to provide a top-class B2B customer experience. This is one of the most important predictions for B2B customer experience.

Self Service will continue to be popular

You can see a preference in the customers over the past year to be able to resolve problems promptly and efficiently using digital tools. As a result, web self-service capabilities are seeing an increasing number of customers. 

However, the choice of self-serve is a vital factor in providing a high level of B2B customer experience with sophisticated B2B products and services. The survey of SalesForce found that 65% would choose self-service for trivial problems. This is among the top predictions for B2B customer experience.

Social channel involvement will be high

In the LinkedIn State of Sales Report 2020, 75% of B2B buyers have a major impact on social media, and 84% of senior managers use social media to assist their buying decisions. Over the past year, LinkedIn recorded record levels of commitment. Social channels are not only great for informing and engaging but also for listening and providing insight that can lead to higher levels of customization in the experience of customers. 

Customers will continue to value on-the-spot virtual meeting connections

Although virtual meetings are no substitute for in-person meetings, they are not far away. They can speed up professional interactions and help create trust rapidly. In general, a group of decision-makers is faster than an in-person to get together, and any questions or concerns can be handled quickly. 

The McKinsey survey indicated that the remote and digital model remained 90% of B2B decision-makers. Three out of four think the new model is as or more effective than before COVID-19. The B2B experience will include a combination of face-to-face and distance interactions as we move forward. This is one of the important predictions for B2B customer experience.

Digital events and personalized digital demonstrations will enhance large events and summits

In the early stages of the pandemic, the postponement of the Mobile World Congress in February 2020 marked a turning point as live annual events went online. B2B events are crucial for your brand, networking, and product demonstrations in person, and everyone looks forward to seeing them come again. 

In the near future, however, business owners will envisage digital events and minor sessions enhanced by customer discussions that focus closely on solving specific business concerns. These conversations are complemented by personalized virtual product demonstrations, which assist customers in picturing how products and services are used within their company. This is a great prediction for B2B customer experience management.

Zero-touch remains an essential aspect of the client experience of B2B

In our daily lives, we all have new contactless processes – virtual GP consultations and digital paperwork completed, for example, during visits to the dentist and optometrist. Many of these procedures are highly efficient and replace manual operations permanently, and the same goes for companies. 

More contactless processes are anticipated to emerge – for example, contactless employees, visitor sign up as well as workspaces and meeting space reservations. Contactless problem-solving is increasingly a feature of the B2B experience for customers. Businesses will make customers’ lives easier, discover problems, and solve them remotely before the business impacts their consumers. 

Emotional intelligence is what clients are expecting

Everyone has experienced the epidemic differently, and communicating and interacting with sensitivity and empathy has become more vital than ever. Yet, 68% of SalesForce companies expect brands to show empathy, yet only 37% of B2B marketers have adjusted content or creative material to make it emotionally more emotive. 

In the past year, emotional understanding has become one of the most crucial abilities and remains a valuable and powerful aspect of the B2B customer experience.

Like the personal shopping experience, B2B’s customer experience has become very important to buy decisions. 

For example, 56 percent of B2B buyers stated they truly would pay for a better experience for their customers. Conversely, if their experience were below expectations, they would not buy from the same company again. Whereas none of us knows what the natural appearance of our newly developing post-pandemic world is, it is up to every B2B organization to react swiftly, to give genuine value, and to make every commitment important. This is among the top and most important predictions for B2B customer experience.

Final words

So these were the top 7 predictions for B2B customer experience that you should be aware of as a business owner. So start making changes to provide an effective customer experience and maintain a lifelong relationship with your customers. 

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