There are many famous e-commerce websites. One such famous e-commerce platform is Amazon. It is popular across the globe. SEO plays a crucial role in every web content. It ensures the top ranking in Google search engine results. Same as website contents, it is important to use SEO strategies in your Amazon product page. If you sell your products on Amazon, you will have a product page. For better product ranking, you must optimize your Amazon product listings. It will bring your products on top of SERPs. 

If you are not able to properly optimize Amazon SEO, it will affect your sales and traffic. If you want to rank products at the top, you must understand Amazon search algorithms. Relevance, product authority and conversion rate decide your product ranking. If you use keywords in your product listing, Amazon will show your listing once the user searches the keyword. If you want to rank your product higher, you must optimize images, keywords and text content.

Amazon ranking plays a big role in increasing or decreasing the sales of your product. Therefore, you should focus on increasing the visibility of your listing. If your products are easy to reach, buyers will prefer buying them. If you want to grab the attention of the visitors, you should come to the first page of search results. Amazon search engine optimization is the technique of optimizing your product listings. Optimising your products will help Amazon find your product listing. Amazon search engine optimization includes:-

  • Pricing strategy
  • Amazon product title optimisation 
  • Amazon keyword optimisation
  • Product image optimisation
  • Backend keywords
  • The Amazon A9 algorithm

Optimising the Amazon search engine will help the customers find your products. This article will guide you through the process of ranking your product higher.

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Essential tips to optimise Amazon SEO –

Optimising your Amazon product listings is crucial to rank products. When your products have a higher ranking, they will generate more sales. Therefore, you must focus on the use of relevant keywords, performance factors and more. Both factors play an important role in the optimisation of Amazon SEO. Carefully, follow the tips to properly optimize your Amazon page.

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1. Add keywords to product title –

Product title is the first thing that visitors notice on your Amazon page. It is a crucial part of Amazon SEO. You should add relevant keywords to the title of your product. It is a product-title ranking factor that helps you optimize the Amazon product name. However, don’t spam your title with unnatural keywords. If your product title is difficult to read, it can affect your click-through rate. Follow the tips to optimise your product name –

  • Include the brand name
  • Provide a clear description of your product
  • Mention your product’s colour and size
  • Provide the customers with the quality detail of your product
  • Provide the details of your product’s ingredients and materials
2. Add backend keywords –

You must include backend keywords on your Amazon Seller Account’s backend section. It is the hidden keywords that notify Amazon’s algorithm about a particular product listing that is targeting a particular keyword. These keywords are like meta tags that describe your web page to Google.

It helps the search engine in figuring out when to show your page to the people. You can fill five fields with your backend keywords. The maximum limit of each line is 50 and you certainly cannot exceed the limit. Follow the five tips to fill your Amazon backend keywords –

  • Don’t include commas
  • Avoid including several variations of the same word
  • Avoid repetition of the words
  • Avoid adding quotation marks and variations in synonyms or spelling
3. Product’s price –

The price of your product impacts your Amazon conversion rate and the number of units you move on the site. If your price is competitive in comparison with other similar products or your other products, It will have a positive impact on your conversion rate.

If other products in the same category are selling at less price, you will not sell many products. At the same time, the Amazon algorithm judges that your product will not make as many sales as others. You should carefully decide the price of your product. If you are selling your product at a higher price, you must have a valid reason for that. You should compare the price of your competitors on the site. Accordingly, you should set your product’s price.

4. Product’s images and seller names –

Images play a crucial role in generating a sale. If the image of your product is of high quality, attractive and clear, it will grab the attention of the visitors. A product with high picture quality will have a higher conversion rate. 

Your Amazon product page will get more traffic if you use bigger images. Follow the Seller Central Product Image Guidelines. It will positively impact your conversion rate and Amazon search-results rankings. Your seller name has a great impact on the relevance-ranking factor. If you add relevant keywords for the product within your seller name, you can rank products higher in Amazon’s organic search results. Therefore, you must focus on your Amazon seller name to get a high ranking in SERPs

5. Product description and bullet points –

Product description and bullet points are important factors in increasing your ranking in Amazon search engine results. It tells your customers about your product. You should also include keywords in your description and bullet points. 

You should follow the e-commerce landing page guidelines. It will get more potential buyers. While developing your description and bullet points, make sure it is natural, readable, clear, simple and convincing. Make sure your description and bullet points tell the customers about your product’s benefits. Add relevant keywords to it and go through your competitor’s page to get an idea.

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Concluding note –

As a seller, you must have an understanding of Amazon SEO and Amazon algorithm. It will help you rank products higher, satisfy customers needs and generate more sales. You must optimize your Amazon product listings. Along with following the SEO strategy, you should also give a thorough look at your competitors. It will help you improve your performance. This article will surely help you in the proper optimization of the Amazon search engine.