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Best linkedin Recommendations to boost your career

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It’s the 21st century. We shouldn’t have to tell you why Best Linkedin recommendations are important and the benefits of a resilient LinkedIn profile. Forget other social media and digital marketing platforms. 

LinkedIn helps you to attract the right kind of crowd of recruiters. LinkedIn helps you to build a strong and robust social media presence with a reliable network and it is also a convenient way to showcase your portfolio. Your portfolio should include Best Linkedin recommendations. 

We all know the power of a persuasive testimonial. LinkedIn has launched the newest form of testimonials, in the form of LinkedIn recommendations. LinkedIn recommendations can be a huge selling point for those interested to hire you. 

That leads us to the painful process of trying to get recommendations on LinkedIn. After all, there is nothing like praise from your previous boss, an important client, or a colleague. There are a lot of  Linkedin recommendation benefits, however it  can be intimidating.

Pro Tips for Best Linkedin recommendations

Follow our guide on how to ask for Best LinkedIn recommendations. But first, let’s start by understanding why they are important.

1. Your LinkedIn Profile

The business world has moved to a virtual platform, and your digital brand has become crucial. Thus, your online profile or social media presence has become vital in delivering your first impression. If someone wants to find out more about you, they can easily search for your name or brand on Google and see what comes up. This leads to your digital first impression. Google can redirect that person to your LinkedIn profile which is like a portfolio for your services and a testament to how well you work. LinkedIn saves jobs for users on a desktop After finding a workplace, saving is simple when you click on the job description page with the Save button.


LinkedIn RecommendationsLinkedIn Recommendations

2. Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn was launched in 2003 as a professional networking platform. While Facebook and Twitter are being increasingly used for non-professional functions like catching up with old friends, LinkedIn users  remains largely professional. LinkedIn is a great platform for job seekers and recruiters as it allows its users to post their CVs online. Most resumes nowadays include a small section where you are required to provide your social links. 

3. The Power of Branding

There are many elements to digital branding. Let us consider one of the most important elements: validation. LinkedIn recommendations support validation. They are proof of what you have claimed in your profile. Best LinkedIn recommendations provide the opportunity for others to reinforce your claims. 

If an important client or an ex-boss confirms that the service you provided them was top-notch, it creates a good impression in front of your future recruiters. Now, before we explore how to ask for LinkedIn recommendations and how to get Best LinkedIn recommendations, let’s see who to ask and when to ask.  LinkedIn works similar to any other social media platform. Therefore if you want to raise enough to build a personal brand on LinkedIn, you should be able to be found more often by people. 

LinkedIn RecommendationsLinkedIn Recommendations

4. When is the right time to ask for LinkedIn Recommendations?

Anytime is a good time to ask for recommendations on LinkedIn as long as you provide the right context. Most people ask for recommendations before leaving a job. If you want to take that approach, ask for recommendations when you are fresh in your colleagues’ minds. 

You can ask for a recommendation a week after you left or a month later. But, don’t ask out of the blue. It can be confusing when you approach a colleague you had worked with 7 years ago for a LinkedIn recommendation. Another tactful context to get Best LinkedIn recommendations is after completion of a project if you are a freelancer or at the end of a review cycle if you work in an organization.

5. Who should you ask for a LinkedIn Recommendation? 

Writing a good linkedin recommendation is a task, so the next question is who should you ask for a LinkedIn recommendation. It is best to get a variety of voices when asking for recommendations on LinkedIn. Don’t limit yourself to senior leaders, reach out to those who have known you and your work in that organization. This could include your colleagues, your juniors, current and previous managers, HR rep, team members, and even clients. However, make sure that the person you ask for a LinkedIn recommendation is someone with who you trust and are on good terms.

How to Ask for LinkedIn Recommendations?

Follow this five-step protocol if you want to learn how to ask for the Best LinkedIn recommendations. 

LinkedIn RecommendationsBest LinkedIn Recommendations

Develop the plan

Before you reach out to others for LinkedIn recommendations, it is important to self-evaluate your accomplishments, past work history including internships, volunteer work, etc. Prepare yourself by making a list of everyone you have worked with who could potentially give you the best LinkedIn recommendations.

Pick people thoughtfully

Now the purpose of a linkedin recommendation is to obtain the best LinkedIn recommendation that will act as proof of your incredible service. There is no time to willy-nilly. Thus, ideally, you should pick people thoughtfully and incline towards those who know you well and have the ability to speak intelligibly and compellingly. 

Another thing that you must keep in mind is that: Don’t ask 10 people at once. It is easy to identify shady linkedin recommendations for Recruiters, when someone has raced out and asked too many people for a recommendation. That is not an appealing look. Your recommendations should look like they’ve come organically, therefore, space out your requests. Don’t ask more than 3 people at a time. 

Approach with specificity

LinkedIn is a professional platform that supports branding and recommendations. Thus, there is no point in blabbering and talking about anything under the sun. Instead, customize your request smartly. Be specific, to the point, and tell them that you reached out for the best LinkedIn recommendation.

Send the request

After you have written your message and proofread it, don’t hesitate the send it. No one is going to give you the best LinkedIn recommendation just like that if you don’t ask for it. Therefore, send the request. 

Say thanks

A lot of people overlook this step. But, this is vital. You don’t want to come off as an ungrateful person who forgot all his manners after receiving what he wanted. Asking for a LinkedIn recommendation is a big ask, thus, it’s important to express gratitude. Besides, saying thanks is a common courtesy or etiquette that should be practiced at all times. 

These were all the steps on how to ask for the best LinkedIn recommendations. Hope this was helpful. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 What are Linkedin Recommendations?

Ans A recommendation is a compliment that is posted on LinkedIn by another user to acknowledge your efforts. You can ask your first-degree connections that you currently work with or have previously worked with for recommendations. You will be alerted via a message from the sender on LinkedIn if a connection recommends you.

Q2 How important is it to get Linkedin Recommendations?

Ans. Without a question, the finest area to develop solid social evidence and third-party credibility is in your LinkedIn recommendations section. Every suggestion acts as an online testimonial about you and what it's like to work with you; these claims will bolster recruiters' confidence in you and encourage them to consider your application.

Q3 Do recruiters look at Linkedin Recommendations?

Ans. You need an effective LinkedIn profile if you're looking for work. There are a few excellent tips in there as well. 85 of the 88 recruiting managers who responded to our questionnaire stated they regularly review LinkedIn recommendations.

Q4 Can someone take back Linkedin Recommendations?

Ans. A recommendation that you've already offered to a connection can be changed or removed. A recommendation can always be hidden or revealed by the recipient.


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