Don’t spend extra bucks on unnecessary ads, maximize ROI with full-funnel PPC.

Be the dominatrix of online ads with targeted PPC that change your turnover.

Curated PPC that your potential clients are happy to see and eager to click.

If we can understand the problem that your potential clients are facing and can provide a solution, then there is no stopping their eager clicks. When your PPC ads appear at the right time in the right place for the right people, it will help:

Bring more unique visitors to the website

Reduce CPC & add expenses

Revenue generation

Reach out to every individual at every stage of the customer journey.

Paid Search

Stay above your competition for high-volume search keywords.

Sponsored Shopping

Get sponsored products seen on the right platform at the right time.

YouTube Advertising

Catch the attention of 5 million viewers with strategic ad placement.

Display Ads

Increase your brand awareness without stretching your budget.

Remarketing Strategy

Make your brand unforgettable with the right punchline and tagline.

Programatic Advertising

Get targeted control in real-time over your ads.

Here’s our process for driving more website visitors without increasing ad costs:


Before we sign on the dotted line, we will do a thorough check-up and give you complete feedback.


The right strategy can win you the war and at GigDe, we plan for every eventuality.


We constantly monitor a campaign after it goes live and over the weeks it undergoes several edits and tweaking.

Results, Recycle, Repeat

Sit back and enjoy the success and influx of revenue, as we toil in the background to get you that much closer to your goals.

Get a free and honest appraisal that other PPC agencies would send you an invoice for. You’ll get a detailed report of:

Keyword Targeting

Be pertinent and create keyword-based opportunities.

Blast from the past

Review past performance, and see what can be repeated.

Account health checkup

Find out what’s lacking and how to fill those gaps

Wasted Spend and missed Opportunities

How to turn around setbacks and make them worth the money.

Ad copy annalysis

Evaluate the effectiveness of every ad

Match Types

Determine if your search criteria are missing essential elements.