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6 Key Points To Write Professional Mail To Your Clients

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Mails form as an integral part of many clients and employee communication. It has become such an important part of the whole process of communication that ignoring it is pretty difficult. Also, your client is a busy man and ensuring that your emails are read and paid attention to is difficult. So does that mean that there is a perfect guide to write mail to client? Yes, writing the best mail is considered as quite a task, but once you know some tips, it doesn’t seem to be that difficult at all.

 Contrary to the general belief, some people completely disregard the mail. They think that it plays no real role in your job communication and it is not something to pay attention to. But it is false. Writing emails to your client is an essential piece of communication between both parties. So, paying attention to it very important. With the significance of mails soaring, it becomes essential to know how to write mail to client.

6 Key Points To Write Professional Mail To Your Clients

Below are the 6 key points to write a professional mail to your clients:

1. Don’t be impersonal

One of the biggest ways in which people lose clients is by being too impersonal. Your client is bound to get many emails each day. And if you are sending a mail that is cold and too impersonal, chances are, that your mail will not be read. Research about your client a little. Know about who you are addressing to and what is going on. 

With this, you can address your mail properly and make a connection with your client. As a freelancer, it becomes very important that you maintain a good relationship with your client. Your emails don’t have to be too personal or affectionate. But ensure that you make the other person feel like you’re not spam mail. Adding your clients’ name in the mail will be a great factor to ensure that. 

2. Write professional mail to your client

It is always necessary that you maintain some boundaries with your client. On the verge of ensuring that you’re not writing a spam mail, don’t be too personal. It will put your client off and will ruin your entire impression.  Instead, ensure that you write professional mail to your client. Be formal and cordial towards him at all times. Ensure that you clearly write your subject. It should not be something too generic or something that he is bound to see several times a day. 

For example, while working towards a graphic designing job, don’t just put up a graphic designing job as your subject. This is something that the client will see many times a day. Instead, address to the person in a way that it remains formal as well as specific. You should use something that is not generic but carefully picked.  

3. Focus on your results

Many a time, mails keep on focusing on the writer itself. People use a lot of ‘I’,’ me’, etc. possessive pronouns. But it is important to know that you are never the point of the mail. The mail is supposed to refer to the client and therefore benefit him. But if you keep on focusing on yourself in the mail, it will not be possible. To avoid this, ensure that you use more of ‘you’ and ‘your’. Talk about the benefit of the client. 

Ensure that you’re not revolving the conversation around yourself but focus on the results, that is the benefit of the client. So, instead of writing, ‘I have worked at a place before and used a skill’, write ‘I saw a problem similar to yours at a place before and it can be solved using the skill’. In this manner, you will catch the eye of the client and he will focus on your candidacy. If you focus on the client, he sure will focus on you.

Write Professional Mail To Your Clients
Write Professional Mail To Your Clients

4. Take the lead of the conversation

Many people feel like keeping the ball in the clients’ court is the safest thing to play. But this is also the thing that ruins everything. It is important to take lead. Don’t throw everything for the client to do. Suggest things. 

When you write mail to client, you don’t have to be hesitant with all your suggestions. Instead, you should put forward your point. Ensure that you shouldn’t come off as bossy. You’re not aiming at bossing the client around. You just have to show your client that you know what you’re doing and you’re confident with it. This will strengthen your image in front of him and you will come off as a confident person. 

5. Don’t self-promote

Many people try to promote themselves while writing a mail to the client. But it is not a good practice. The client neither cares nor will click on your social media profiles that you put underneath your professional emails. The client is not interested in that. You should go ahead and have a professional signature to put underneath your mails. But ensure that addition of all your social media profiles is refrained from. Your portfolio can contain your social media handles. But when a person is already using a form of communication to talk to you, it is seemingly useless to put forward more platforms only to promote. If it is necessary, you can put your profiles. But doing it unnecessarily is not recommended.

6. Addition of links is unnecessary

Some people make it a point of fact to add the link of their portfolios at the end of their mails. It is not recommended. When the client is shortlisting you or is in talks, you should know that any links to your work do not set you apart from others. Many people can do similar work and the client knows that. When you have to write mail to client, he is looking forward to knowing you beyond your profile. So, refrain from putting your portfolio. Also, this will provoke the client to ask you for your portfolio which will make it stand apart and increase communication.

It is not difficult to write a mail to the client. But writing an impactful mail can be difficult. You might not realize but even the smallest mails can exert a lot about your personality than you can otherwise. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to write mail to client and keep his undivided attention to yourself.

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