Google is all-powerful for those who try to direct organic traffic for their business. It sweeps through the web to see which pages are the most important and useful for almost every subject for its users. So we don’t just trust the Google searches; we rely on them. However, this very powerful power of Google enables small companies to reach a higher search ranking than ever before—free! It can seem unrealistic to get your small business’s rank on page 1 of google with so much strength and control. 

In this article, we will learn how to rank a website on google and jotted down some tips to rank your page. We will discuss how to:

  • Add keywords to some locations on your site
  • Create human content, not for Google
  • Placement emphasis
  • Update and retain your Google page regularly
  • And a lot more.

Google’s first page is an important target for any corporation. But, first, let’s take its advantages into account because this can help you make your company’s strategic priority.

Importance of ranking your page on google

The Google searches are increasingly comprehensive – with knowledge panels, answer boxes, comprehensible questions, local outcomes, etc. Working at the highest level is worthwhile in so many ways, especially given that traffic and the click rate both fall rapidly as the search results work out. Therefore it is important to rank on page 1 of google.

Higher clickthrough rate

It is understood that Google’s first page catches most traffic. Still, you know that the clickthrough rates for the top versus the bottom results are significant. One analysis reveals the following Google location clickthrough rates:

  • First result: clickthrough rate of 36.4 per cent.
  • Second result: a clicking rate of 12.5 per cent.
  • Third result: clicking rate of 9.5 per cent

So if your search results are not at the top of Google, you miss several clicks.

Get instant exposure

Google search results now also supplement boxes for “Position Zero,” better known as snippets for functionality. Having a top spot on Google could lead to an option, allow your business to expose out immediately, and increase your reputation. 

Top position share of traffic 

Another research showed that Google’s top results capture 33% of search traffic. The closest to the top, the closer your search presence and brand authority would be to your website on Google.

Tips to rank on page 1 of google

You can follow various steps to rank on page 1 of google. In this section, we have jotted down some effective tips to implement in your strategy to get a higher Google ranking.

Determine the keywords

First, identify what search requests Google would like to respond to on your web pages. They are known as keywords, which can, by the way, be single words or sentences. This is one of the most important tips to rank on page 1 of google. A different collection of keywords is required on each page on the website to avoid competition between the pages. The words clients type in to obtain the goods and services they need for their company are the right keywords.

Inform Google about the keywords used

Google operates by crawling across the internet, rating, and storing millions of pages on an index. When a user searches, Google will then check its structured index (rather than the entire web) to find the results quickly. Therefore, another crucial move to rank on page 1 of Google is to scan, index, and retrieve the website easier for Google. It would be best if you placed the keywords at the following positions:

Meta title

Both of your website blog posts and pages have a meta title. This title is shown as a header at the top of your page and as the title to the search results section of this page.

Meta description

The meta description is the little bubble that appears in the search results under the title of Google. Besides telling Google what your site is, the meta-description would easily tell a search engine what it can expect to find by clicking on your site to increase the clicks. This meta-description, therefore, allows Google to place your company on the right first page for the right search.


Your URL is a domain name, preceded by a slash, followed by a text with dash separation. Keywords are used in your URL, so Google can help find your website more easily. The URL also appears in the search results between the heading and the meta summary. A clean URL that matches the title of the page is more user-friendly and confident, and better suited to appearances on the first page.

Write content for humans

The body of the content of your website is the most appropriate position for the keywords you try to rank for. However, it is important not to routinely and excessively insert these keywords but to integrate them naturally. Google can detect the filling of keywords, and when it does, it will take you away from the first article. The trick to rank on page 1 of Google is to provide valuable, trustworthy, easy to read, yet informational content that keeps your target population on your pages and returns for more. And it’s both free and convenient to share your information in conversation. 

Only note that if you want to search a specific keyword on the first page of Google, your page needs to have information that you want users to access by typing in Google.

Optimize website for mobile users

You won’t find a website that doesn’t react to a Google search. This is because consumers today, rather than computers and laptops, are using phones and tablets, and most local searches on mobile devices are done. Google thus prefers mobile websites. But, in reality, the first mobile indexing now indexes all pages. Responsive is perfect since the site can be adapted and maintained to any screen size. However, suppose you do not have a responsive website. 

In that case, you can make changes to your site to ensure that a mobile user has the most efficient experience. This is one of the most effective tips to rank on page 1 of google.

Final words

So now you must know how to rank a website on google. You can use the tips mentioned above to rank on page 1 of google. Always remember that you regularly update the content on your website for ranking higher on google searches and ensure that your website is user-friendly; then only you will get better results.