SEO is an integral part of your website. It has the power to increase your web pages or website’s visibility. So, you need to understand SEO. If you want your web page to come in Google’s organic search listings, you must get familiar with the organic search strategy. It will help you drive more traffic to your website and increase your brand value. Google keeps on changing its algorithm, so, you must keep a constant check on it.

Having information on the latest Google’s algorithm is the best SEO practice. It is one of the best techniques to double your search traffic. You must run SEO Split-testing experiments to monitor your website’s performance, traffic and more. If you are aware of the SEO Split-testing experiments, you can easily enhance your ranking in search engines. You must apply the best SEO experiments in action to increase the conversion rate, organic ranking, traffic, click-through rate and more. This article will guide you through SEO experiments and techniques. You can use them to enhance your website’s visibility and ranking.

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Essential organic search strategy to use –

Search engine optimization is vital. You must know the experiments and techniques to double your search traffic. If you conduct constant experiments and research, you will remain on the top of organic search listings. Using Google Search Console is a good organic search strategy. It helps you monitor your website and its performance. Accordingly, you can make plans to improve your rankings and traffic.

1. Consider the meta titles –

Meta titles play a great role in driving traffic and enhancing clicks. It is the first thing that visitors will see in your listings on the search engine results pages. Google’s algorithm considers CTR while examining the quality of organic search results. Better CTR means better rankings. You must test your meta titles by monitoring the changes in CTR and rankings. 

2. Image alt text –

Alt text helps search engines interpret the images and find desirable results for users. You can conduct a split-test to know whether changes in alt texts have any impact on the ranking position of your page or not. You can also judge whether Googlebot changes the image in Google Image search or not. Some alt text SEO experiments include –

  • Adding or removing characters
  • Using spacing vs. hyphens
  • Shifting to the use of keywords
3. Meta descriptions – 

The meta description appears below the meta titles. It gives clarity about the page to the searchers. It increases click-through rates, adds context and convinces the searchers to click your results and not your competitor’s results. Meta descriptions improve your conversion rate, CTRs and more. You can conduct various SEO experiments on these meta tags. For instance, adding or removing secondary keywords, star ratings, incentives and more.

4. Heading tags –

Heading tags enable Google to understand your page and its content. It is an on-page element. Each page has one main H1 and many H2s and H3s to break up the content. You must test all the tags. It helps you enhance your website’s content clarity for search engine crawlers. You can conduct a split-test to affect the following changes on organic traffic – 

  • Length of the sentences
  • Title tag placement
  • Inclusion of distinct keywords
  • Using H2 and H3 as subheadings
5. Schema markup –

Schema markup is an effective organic search strategy. It helps you get rich results in SERPs. It uses structure data to show Google some additional data that it can take from your pages to show users in its search results. You can operate SEO experiments to test the impacts of schema markup. The test can also guide you about distinct structure data types. If you get positive results from the test, you can implement the plan all over your website to get similar results.

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6. Internal links –

Internal linking is one of the best techniques to double your search traffic. It directs search engines and visitors to other relevant pages of your website. It improves the page per session, bounce rate, time on site and more. It improves the user experience and quality of your content. You can conduct split-testing on these internal links. It helps you determine whether changes to the following enhances your SEO performance or not –

  • Shallow vs deep links
  • Position of the links and more
7. Anchor text – 

Anchor text helps the search crawlers determine the page and its ranking. It describes the link to the search engine. You can conduct a split test on it. The test will help you determine the impact of changes to anchor text. It helps you see the effect of changes on CTR, time on site and more. You can experiment with –

  • Format
  • Character length
  • Exact match vs broad match
8. Add elements –

You can run SEO split-testing experiments to see whether adding an element creates any difference or not. It helps you see whether new elements can improve your organic traffic or not. Run test to see the impact of the following –

  • Insert an image
  • Inclusion of internal links and more
9. Audit your website –

Auditing your website is a great technique to identify the loophole in your way of getting more organic traffic. It is a growth hacking technique that helps you attract new customers. You must use an SEO audit to evaluate your website’s performance. You must check the following things before auditing your website –

  • Check whether your site pages have meta titles and descriptions or not
  • See if the structure of the URL is optimized for search engines or not
  • See if you are using correct links in your content or not and more.

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10. Develop SEO optimised landing pages – 

You must create landing pages that are optimizable by search engines. It improves your organic search traffic. You must use long-tail keywords to make SEO optimized landing pages. Make sure your landing page content is useful. You must use professional designs to build your landing page.

11. Check Google Search Console stats – 

You must check your Google Search Console. It helps you identify the issues with your website. You can judge the performance of your website. You must check the crawl errors, submitting new sitemaps and evaluate the impact of keywords.

12. Update your old contents – 

You must update your old content. Some old contents have the power to generate organic traffic to date. So, you can take advantage and generate a higher search ranking. Find the contents that require traffic. Click Site Content and update the old contents. 

Concluding note – 

There are various SEO experiments that you can conduct to improve organic traffic. You must adapt the fast-changing SEO strategies. It will help you gain new visitors, higher engagement, click-through rates and more. You must use the best organic search strategy and SEO techniques to double your search traffic. This will help you stay on top of SERPs. This blog includes all the effective SEO experiments that will help you enhance your ranking and traffic.