We all know that with the increasing opportunities in freelancing, the competition is soaring. Wait there! Do you know about these top 5 low competition freelancing sites in 2021.

There are so many people with so much expertise that it seems almost irrelevant to enter any field as a freelancer. You might have experienced those moments where you went to sites like freelancer.com and Fiverr to your rescue but you could land no project because the big names already took them. But you shouldn’t be concerned about that anymore. Sure, the competition is too high and there is so much more to gain through experience and work.

And with this scenario, it gets too daunting to be at a freelancing site that can cater to your needs. But why should you fret when there are so many low competition freelancing sites for your resource. These sites will give you a chance to shine and will help you gain a network and build a name in the freelancing marketplace. So, sign up for these low competition freelancing sites in 2021.

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Five Squid

Five Squid is a website that works on a gig system. Therefore this site is very similar to Fiverr. Instead of the regular $5 gigs as you might find on Fiverr, Five Squid allows you to find a gig for 5 pounds. This website is largely based in Europe and has been used by many European users. But this doesn’t mean that people from other parts of the world can’t use it.

Many freelancers from Hong Kong, India, and other such countries have found gigs of their liking on Five Squid and have been able to earn. This is a great low competition freelancing site as it provides you with much more opportunities to find work and be able to fairly compete for it without being subdued by those with more experience.


Servicescape is a very promising up and coming freelancing site which also contributes to why it is low on competition. This website allows you to get many editing, content writing, translation and web designing jobs. This scope might be limited for now but it might expand in the coming future. The website has over 80k registered users who are trying to find jobs on the platform. It is also used by many famous brands to find more employees that are talented. 

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To enrol on this website, you have to first go through a very thorough introduction and signup page wherein you give every detail about your work and skills. Then you are eligible to find work on the platform. One of the major downsides of the platform however is that it only allows and accepts payments through PayPal and cheques which can be inconvenient for some.

Work Diary

This website has the sole motive of being able to help copywriters to get a job. It solely dedicates itself to copywriters and provides them with great jobs under many categories like resume writing, book writing, article writing, including other such jobs. These are regularly updated to give you more information about the latest jobs that are available for their users. One of the greatest benefits of the website is that you don’t have to go through the entire process of bidding for a job. 

You can easily apply for the job and then wait for the results. To enrol on this low competition freelancing site, you have to first fill a registration form that makes you a member of the platform. After that, you can scroll through all the jobs and find those to your liking.


Speedlancer is a great freelancing website that is recently gaining much popularity. This is why it has caught the eye of many employers and freelancers alike. This platform allows you to get jobs in almost every field and allows you to compete with people of your skill. One of the best assets of this platform for employers is that the website focuses only on freelancers that have high-quality and premium work and skills. 

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Therefore, they can easily find freelancers with the required talent on the platform. Another great part of the website that sells is that the website also supports the delivery of the project or a job in under 4 hours. This is one of the shortest times for any freelancing site. The only downside to this freelancing site is that it charges about 20% as a platform fee. However, this percentage is very similar to that of Upwork.

Free Up

Free Up is a platform for those with good skills and premium quality work. The website has a very good scrutiny process through which every registration portfolio is sent through. Only those profiles are selected which can match the quality and standard of the work set up by Free Up. Therefore, it ensures that low skilled people are not let in. to get registered on this website. However, you’ll have to put a lot of effort into your portfolio and ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward indeed. 

But the benefit of the website is that since it already cleared off all the low-quality freelancers, you don’t have to bid for getting a job. You can do so easily because your talent and skills are already verified. So, your skills will be appropriately awarded for and you’ll be able to land a job much easier and earn well.

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Freelancing is a great field and if you’re opting for it, you should be ready for the fierce competition that awaits you. But you don’t have to succumb to the competition at the very beginning. Using these low competition freelancing sites, you will be able to land good jobs without giving up because of the unfair competition with highly qualified and experienced freelancers. 

Therefore it gives you a great opportunity to grow and develop your skills to the best. Once that you’re a part of the freelancing marketplace and understand how it works, you can also sign up for the other sites and enjoy the competition to push yourself further.