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7 Tried and Tested Ways to Grow a Digital Marketing Agency

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In the eyes of the Google Gods, most marketers know how to develop links is one of the many key aspects to improve your ranking of search engines. However, your words to connect to your website are very important. These terms are referred to as anchor text, and they receive more Google algorithms than beginners do. Therefore, it is very necessary to maintain anchor text ratios on your website to generate more traffic and rank higher on Google.

In the early days, you could utilize keyword stuffing anchors to play the Google system. Well, Google notes that you employ the words and the surrounding content not only wisely, but you use them as well. Yes, the intricacies are complex, but the foundations are easy to learn and use by everyone.

You may optimize your SEO and view your grading levels by optimizing – but not over-optimizing – your anchor phrases and studying the best practice. Google may penalize your website if you disobey the guidelines. In this article, we will learn how to maintain anchor text ratios of your content and how to do anchor text optimization. So read and find out.

What is Anchor Text, and why does it matter for website development?

SEO has thousands of small details in a complex topic. One of these details is the anchor text. An anchor text is a text you are clicking to go from one Internet site to another; two different destinations on the Internet are practically anchored together. Downloads and links for documents such as PDFs or Google Drive files can be started, whereas anchors usually link web pages. This is why you should just click on the anchors from the websites you trust. For several reasons, the text you select is important:


  • You can find out what you should expect before you click on the link. Anchor texts are the promise of what is on the other side of the link and so must be extremely important.
  • It says what your content is all about with Google Algorithms. Google algorithms make sure that you do not engage in spamming techniques and understand the subjects to which you link in your material.

Therefore, you must maintain the anchor text ratios of your website to get more reach and higher website authority.

Major Types of Anchor Text

Of course, “easy” isn’t in your vocabulary when it comes to anchor text optimization and Google algorithms. In reality, at least five separate anchor texts were identified by Google. The various types of anchor text are:

  • Generic anchor text

No language that refers to a keyword is included in a generic anchor. Rather, for contextual information on the other side of the link, the reader must rely upon the surrounding copy. Generic anchor text may appear spammable, but it’s quite strong. Why does this happen? Well, it usually includes useful words, a simple CTA, or lists a link directly.

  • Branded anchor text

Branded anchors are your brand name and are excellent to enhance recognition. Moreover, they are a secure bet for spam avoidance. But – and that’s a big one but – it becomes a little more tricky if you use an exact match domain with a target keyword. You receive a little more freedom from Google before earning a penalty, but Google could catch you if you go too far to optimize it excessively. It is necessary to maintain branded anchor text ratios to avoid the penalty from Google.

Google can also detect links to your brand name as a branded anchor if you own public individuals related to your brands, such as a CEO, a journalist, an influencer, or a notable author.

  • Exact match anchor text

The precise keyword of the page you link to contains the exact match anchor text.  Although certain exact match anchors are necessary to obtain, Google pays careful attention to these connections and may punish you for spam if you have too many. To maintain the proper exact match anchor text ratios for better results.

  • Partial match anchor text

Some match anchors contain your keyword sentence with other generic words, random ones, or stop words.

  • Related anchor text

Link the corresponding anchor words to a page utilizing the target keyword variation. They are like partial keywords; however, the corresponding anchors do not contain the specific keyword phrase. To help Google crawlers better comprehend what your links mean, you’ll like to establish relevant anchors. Moreover, they maintain a wide range of links so that Google will not penalize you for spamming connections.

Effect of Anchor Texts on SEO

To know which web pages are properly optimized, Google has always used anchor words to rank them for the relevant keywords. As a result, an entire chunk of the original Google paper is for anchor text purposes. According to Google, more objective link descriptions are given by anchors than the metadata can provide for the websites. Backlink anchors originate from neutral sources from third parties.

Google also states that anchors help to crawl content algorithms that can’t provide an indexing copy on the Internet. Take the following:

  • Images
  • Apps
  • Programs
  • Documents
  • Databases

In the rankings of search engines, anchor texts played a major impact — a bit too much. So always look for proper anchor text optimization and anchor text ratios.

How things have changed?

Before 2012, advertisers were manipulating the Google algorithm with lots of matching keywords. You could wind up ranked in the first place for keywords by using keyword-rich anchors to point to your website – even if your site has nothing to do with the text anchors.

If more than one website has used background on the anchor text used by google for the same page, Google determines that it has to be linked and thus gives them high authority.

In April 2012, Google ended up in the misleading practice and published the initial improvements to Penguin that explicitly addressed anchor text. A tonne of marketers realized that their classifications were falling, and their anchor strategy was tweaking quickly.

How to do Anchor Text optimization?

When we talk about anchor text optimization here, we talk about the best practice of Google – not to use the algorithm for you. Google issued a BERT upgrade in October 2019, which employs natural language processing to interpret and classify websites. We cannot be 100% sure because Google maintains its algorithms as closely monitored as nuclear codes.

It might, however, suggest that Google is now paying more attention to anchor contexts. The Google crawlers could also scan and examine the surrounding words and sentences more than they did previously, instead of only reading the Anchor text. It also means that Google prioritizes user experience and, more than anything else, answers search inquiries. And this is why anchor text optimization means that everyone can have a better experience.

Use relevant Anchor Text

While there are probably too many exact match anchors against you, you want your anchors on the other side of the link. Note, Google employs anchors to understand what websites matter and how significant they are so that they can be accurately classified in keyword searches. You certainly want to choose anchors that make sense of the link and which will help your readers generate a great experience. Therefore you should maintain proper anchor text ratios of these relevant keywords. When you start to choose random terms for the sake of diversity alone, your readers may be able to classify them as “clickbait;” Google watches this too.

Final words

Anchor text is a key aspect of the SEO health of your website. Anchor phrases in Google’s sight let you find out which websites operate spam and are legit. Anchor words also notify your readers where further material can be found and what the other side of your links is about. Anchors must be an afterthought when establishing a link-building plan.

As a marketer, you must pay attention to your anchor text and the anchor text ratios that you decide and even to the terms around it. Like SEO, diversity and moderation are crucial for most things. 

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