What are the Google Trending Searches And How to Use Them

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  • Ever since the inception of the digital world, Google is in great demand, especially for research purposes. If you ever come across a query, google has its solution and answer. It is a platform that can provide you with information on almost every topic. Google provides a search engine known as Google Search. You can use Google Trends to get access to the list of trending searches on Google 2021. It reveals the relative popularity of the search query. 

    You can use Google Keyword Planner or Keyword Magic Tool to see Google trending searches. Google search trends help you find out the most relevant and high search volume keywords. It can help you in building a successful website by optimizing the search engine. You need to understand the concept of search volume to choose the most effective keyword for your content. It shows the number of times a specific keyword searches in the search engine. Understanding trending searches is vital for businesses. 

    If you know what people are searching for, you will know about the effective keywords to use. It helps you determine the consumer’s needs, interests, habits, and more. Once you know your consumer base, you can properly implement the SEO strategy along with the digital marketing strategy. Google Trends help you get the list of trending searches. It can help you establish a successful online business or a successful blog. An effective keyword can bring a lot of positive changes to your business.

    If you know what are the topics that are trending, you can easily develop content on trending topics. If you have a list of trending searches, you can create quality content. This article will provide you with a list of Google search trends in 2021.

    Most Popular Google Trending Searches

    Serial numberTop trending searchesSearch volume
    1.Shirley Temple5 million-plus Hotmail
    2.Loki500 thousand plus
    3.Jitin Prasad200 thousand plus
    4.Paraguay vs Brazil200 thousand plus
    5.Nusrat Jahan100 thousand plus
    6.Johnny Depp100 thousand plus
    7.France vs Bulgaria100 thousand plus
    8.Awake20 thousand plus
    9.MHT CET 202150 thousand plus
    10.Mumbai weather50 thousand plus
    11.iQOO Z3 Specs50 thousand plus
    12.Vicky Kaushal20 thousand plus
    13.West Indies vs South Africa20 thousand plus
    14.Hyundai Alcazar20 thousand plus
    15.El Salvador20 thousand plus
    16.Pearl V Puri Divya Khosla Kumar20 thousand plus
    17.Sonam Kapoor20 thousand plus
    18.Vat Savitri 2021 Date20 thousand plus
    19AIIMS20 thousand plus
    20.Kiran Bedi20 thousand plus
    Serial NumberTop KeywordsSearch volume
    1Youtube1.4 billion
    2Facebook1.2 billion
    3Google580.7 million
    4Whatsapp web543.3 million
    5Gmail475.3 million
    6Translate414.4 million
    7Amazon388.7 million
    8Google translate363.3 million
    9Weather338.0 million
    10Instagram317.7 million
    11Traductor317.7 million
    12You tube311.7 million
    13Hotmail260.0 million
    14FB173.7 million
    15clima162.3 million
    16cricbuzz162.3 million
    17tiempo151.0 million
    18Twitter142.0 million
    20Netflix133.0 million
    Serial numberTop trending questionsSearch volume
    1.What to watch9.8 million
    2.What dinosaur has 500 teeth7.6 million
    3.Where my stimulus6.9 million
    4.What is my IP3.8 million
    5.When is easter 20213.4 million
    6.How many ounces are in a cup2.8 million
    7.How to delete an Instagram account2.6 million
    8.How to screenshot on Mac2.1 million
    9.What time is it2.0 million
    10.When is easter1.9 million
    11.When is the super bowl1.5 million
    12.How many weeks in a year1.5 million
    13.What is1.5 million
    14.How many ounces in a gallon1.0 million
    15.What time is the super bowl1.4 million
    16.Why were graham crackers invented1.3 million
    17.When is mothers Day1.3 million
    18.What song is this1.3 million
    19.Where am i1.2 million
    20.When is Valentine's Day?1.1 million

    How to Use Google Search Trends

    Google trending searches are amazing SEO tools. It helps you know about the seasonal trends. You can even use it to monitor your competitor’s position and have an edge over them. You can use trending searches on Google 2021 for various reasons. Such as

    • You can use it to find different niches
    • It helps you find relevant categories in relevant topics
    • You can use trending searches on Google 2022 for conducting keyword research in SEO
    • You can promote your store around seasonal trends
    • You can use it to drive search traffic by doing Content Freshness
    • You can use it to create content around current trends
    • You can even find niche topics by region
    • You can monitor your competitor’s position
    • You can even use it to increase your social media reach
    • It also helps you decide the time to create Google shopping ads

    Ways to Utilize Google Trends for SEO

    • Discover search volume trends
    • Find relevant keywords
    • Discover breakout keywords
    • Find relevant blog and video content topics
    • Find local search trends
    • Find new keyword ideas
    • Understand search volume
    • Recognize the seasonal trends
    • Avoid using temporarily popular keywords
    • Employ trend prediction
    • Optimize the video SEO strategy

    Concluding note

    Google trending searches help you find the most trending, relevant, and popular keywords and topics. You can use it to optimize search engine performance. It also allows you to monitor major SEO trends. You can use google trends to strengthen your marketing strategy. It is a useful keyword research tool that helps you include the most relevant and high-volume keywords in your content. You can drive traffic to your website by using google trends.

    Using Google Trends can be beneficial for your online business, blogs, and more. It informs you about the likes, dislikes, interests, and needs of the consumers. This can help you in building a website or content that is valuable to the consumers. You must use Google Trends to find relevant keywords and popular topics. This blog surely provides you with a few trending searches that you can use in your content. It will help you improve your business performance.

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