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Tips And Examples for Professional Email Signature

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An average office worker sends around 30 emails every day. And, an average office worker receives around 40 emails every day. That means, your email can easily get lost in the herd of emails. Sending around 30 emails every day translates to 30 opportunities to market your brand. A lot of people underestimate the power of a professional email signature. But, if you want to learn a thing or two about marketing and making your brand stand out, give thought to it. 

If you are just putting your name and contact number in your professional email signature, you are not taking advantage of the golden opportunity of free marketing. And, making a lasting impression is hard. But doing so at the end of an email can be effective. You should take full advantage of the opportunity to connect and make your brand and name clear to the people you are engaging with. You can make it easy for people to reach you just with the help of a professional email signature. So, how to make a professional email signature that will have a lasting impression? Read on to find out. 

How to Write a Professional Email Signature

Let’s start with the 8 basic elements of a professional email signature:

1. Name, Title, and Company

 First things first, your name should always be included in any mail that you send. The first thing the recipient should see when he/she receives your mail is your name. This can be manifested in the first line of your professional email signature along with your affiliation info (title) and company.

Professional Email Signature
Professional Email Signature

Your affiliation information should include your job title, your company or organization, and your department. By providing these pieces of information, a connection is drawn to your identity. Now your recipient knows you by your name and your position in the company. This helps in attracting the attention of the readers.

2. Secondary Contact Information

Secondary contact information is crucial if you want to make a professional signature. Your recipient should know how to reach out to you if necessary. Your contact information could include your business website, fax, phone number, or any method of communication you are comfortable with.

3. Social Media Links

This is becoming increasingly important and popular as the world steps into a new avenue of social media marketing. Your social media presence is an indispensable part of your brand as it helps you gain a following. One can tell a lot about a person by their social media presence. To enhance your online brand, learn effective strategies to grow social media presence. Providing social media links is also an effective way of drawing organic traffic toward your website or blog.

Even if you are active on multiple social media platforms, try to cut it back and limit it to just three. Focus on the platforms that matter most to you and where your social media presence is updated. The most recommended social media account links are LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook page, and Instagram. Don’t link unnecessary social media accounts like Snapchat.

4. Call-to-Action

Including the call-to-action or CTA in your professional email signature is one of the smartest things to do. The most effective CTAs in professional email signatures are the ones that are short, up-to-date, and precise. You shouldn’t seem desperate or pushy. And, your CTA shouldn’t sound like a sales pitch to hire your services.

Professional Email Signature
Professional Email Signature

5. Photo

Although optional, many people include a formal picture of themselves with their professional email signature. The logical reason for this goes back to basic psychology. It helps the recipient put a face to the name. It is recommended to choose a photo that is formal and professional.

6. Logo

If you work for a company or have your own business or organization, it is a smart idea to include the logo of the brand. It looks appealing and creates an engaging and winsome impression.

7. Legal Requirements

Some countries and industries (mainly business, legal, insurance, and financial) have specific legal requirements that all businesses must meet. For this reason, you would want to check with your attorney about the regulations your industry has in place and include a sort of disclaimer in your professional email signature about the email transmissions.To enhance your digital campaigns, learn how email marketing can significantly boost customer engagement.

8. Pronouns

In the current political and cultural scenario, including your preferred pronouns when you make professional email signatures is a wise decision. It shows that you are culturally relevant, woke, and sensitive to gender. It also clears away the ambiguity and confusion if you have a gender-neutral name. Now, that we’ve explored the essential elements of a professional email signature, let’s see how to make a professional email signature that will stand out.

How to Make a Professional Email Signature?

Keep these tips in mind when you make professional email signature:

  • Highlight your name, contact information, and affiliation

The first thing that should speak to your recipient is your name and affiliation. Thus, you need to draw attention to that part of your professional email signature. Chose a bold and striking font that will stick. Stick to a primary color like black.

Professional Email Signature
Professional Email Signature
  • Keep the colors minimalistic and professional

The word formal has to be taken into mind when we talk about professional email signatures. Your professional email signature shouldn’t be loaded with fancy colors. The colors should be simple and consistent. Branding and marketing are most effective when it is consistent.

  • Design hierarchy

Your professional email signature should be presented neatly, thus, you will have to use the proper design hierarchy to make a professional email signature.

  • Make your links traceable

This simply means to include hyperlinks. When the recipient clicks on the LinkedIn section of your professional email signature, he/she should be directed to your LinkedIn profile.To improve your professional network and brand awareness, consider implementing a strong LinkedIn marketing strategy.

  • Space dividers

Using space dividers to make your professional email signature seem compact looks promising. This can also come in handy when you want to break up different pieces of information, like, your name to your contact information, your logo from your disclaimer, etc.

These were all the tips that you need to know to make a professional email signature. Once you have an exclusive professional email signature, nothing can stop you from attracting more traffic to your brand or company.

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