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We create relevant and engaging content of all kinds for you, with a vision to create a long-lasting connection. We are a team of super fun creators, working to deliver life-changing content on all platforms.

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  • 15+ Creative Brains
  • 70+ Team Members
  • 25K+ Daily NVs
  • nth Team spirit level
WHY gigDe?

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Management Team

Arpit Singhal

Chief Executive Officer

Visionary with a revolutionary mind. Solid business strategist holding spirited decision making qualities.

Vanya Goel

Chief Operating Officer

Multi-tasking and tactful implementer. She drives quality and possess exceptional problem solving skills.

Supriya Singh
Content Manager

Passionate, aligned with great communication skills. Exceptional planner and passionate content developer.

Pratigya Dhali
Content Manager

Innovative thinking and productive content strategy is what describes Pratigya. She has diligent managerial skills.

Ojas Singh
Design Lead

Creative, Perpetual learner and Attentive. Always has attention to details and deliver design experience as per the demand.